Wifi Module IoT and Home Automation: What The Future Holds

2021-09-28/ By Admin

WiFi Module IoT and Home Automation

Internet of Things home automation was a dream about a decade ago. But, this technology is becoming an essential part of our routine lives across the world these days. Millions of users are now getting benefits from smart home technologies while millions are planning to do so. Smart home appliances and devices offer great ease and convenience to users. These IoT devices and appliances are interconnected, so managing multiple operations is not a hassle. These devices do not only make your home secure but also assist in reducing energy and costs. The WiFi module Internet of Things and home automation have just revolutionized the world.

Today, we have an array of IoT-powered devices around. Some of the most common devices include security systems, refrigerators, thermostats, and even kettles and dryers. In the future, we will for sure see more and more devices joining this list with many smart features.

WiFi module

WiFi Module Internet of Things Automation

Before anything else, we need to learn about the IoT or the Internet of Things. It is a term that we use for technologies that help us establish an internet connection on a device. These systems rely on data collection.

The gathered data is utilized to monitor, control, and transfer information among other devices through the internet. It helps in activating unique actions automatically, whenever a specific situation occurs.

Take the simple example of a smart teakettle. We can program a teakettle to turn off automatically after reaching a certain temperature. Some models can also send user notifications to take prompt actions.

Now, you can apply a similar concept to your entire house and every single device present. It will be a home powered by a WiFi module IoT technology. Rather than operating the device manually, you can perform all of its actions automatically with just one button.

Today, we can control most smart home automation appliances and devices via voice commands or smartphone apps. In simple words, your smart home knows when to perform certain actions on what commands.

Future Possibilities

Smart home systems are already going through a revolutionary phase. However, we should expect some extraordinary possibilities in the future. Let’s take a quick look at what the future holds in IoT home automation.

1. Lighting

Smart lighting is the talk of the town these days. With smart lighting, you can set different times to turn on and turn off lighting and also changing the intensity. However, this thing will possibly go one step forward.

If you have the Internet of Things-enabled across your home, lights will respond to more actions that you take.  For instance, your lights will respond to the home cinema. WiFi module and IoT-based lighting will dim or turn off when watching movies.

In the future, these lights will most probably also respond to the movie type you are watching. For instance, they may completely turn off after the light identifies that you’re enjoying a scary movie. It will provide you a proper environment. Therefore, smart lighting will be taken to a whole new level in the future.

2. Doors

In the coming years, doors will probably become smarter than ever before. Just imagine a door opening just when you are entering through it. And right after, it closes automatically just after going through it.

It will become possible through facial recognition or smart devices. This thing will reach new heights keeping in mind that the entire house may also take appropriate actions after entering the house. For instance, lights will turn on right when you enter the room through a door. On the other hand, lights will turn off automatically, right after you leave the house.

3. Windows

We already have smart windows, but they will become even smarter in the future. Just imagine your windows opening the shutters automatically with the sunrise and closing at the sunset.

It is also a possibility that you can program your windows to automatically close when it is raining outside. Keeping in mind the previous instance of a scary movie, curtains will lower automatically while watching the movie.

4. Thermostat

Today, we have the luxury of controlling the thermostat of our home remotely through apps. However, in the coming days, this thing will most probably become even more convenient.

Most probably, the thermostat may be recognizing the situation on itself if you’re around the home. After that, it will check the external and room temperature and make necessary adjustments if required.

Another possibility is that it may also recognize when you’re performing specific actions and make appropriate adjustments. For instance, it will recognize automatically, when you’re exercising and showering.

5. Gardens

Even we can make our gardens smarter with WiFi module IoT technology in the coming days. For instance, you can place Internet of Things sensors in your garden.

The sensors will activate your irrigation system if they detect soil dryness. It is also possible to automatically deploy robotic lawnmowers when the grass increases to a specific height.

6. Home Routines

We can already connect most parts of our home with other smart devices. We have smart sockets and these sockets can turn on and turn off devices automatically.

Smart alarms also play music after waking up and even share the news with you. It is even possible to operate entire routines through voice assistants where home appliances, alarms, thermostats, and lights, etc. are controlled.

In the future, it will be possible for the entire home. Consider your morning routine. Your shutters would open before waking up. It will assist in getting rid of grogginess. Before waking up, your coffee maker would automatically start to make your cup. More possibilities include automatically getting your bathroom water hot, turning on the TV, playing morning tunes, and more.

All the possibilities that we have discussed above will not happen overnight.  We still have some barriers that we need to deal with so that we can adopt all IoT-enabled smart home features. Privacy is one of these concerns that must be addressed. However, we are for sure going to see more advancement in the home automation industry with these modules.

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