How to Choose the Right WiFi Module?

2022-02-18/ By Admin

Development trend of WiFi modules

With the continuous development of WiFi technology, WiFi modules of various package sizes have appeared in our daily household appliances, and products using WiFi modules in various Internet of Things, WiFi4 and WiFi5 have been more widely used due to their high reliability and stability. application, in which the WiFi4 module is a common and widely used method. This SKYLAB editor will start from the selection of WiFi modules, and briefly explain how to choose a suitable WiFi module and the development trend of WiFi modules.

WiFi modules

Mainstream WiFi module on the market

At present, the mainstream WiFi modules on the market are divided into WiFi4 modules, WiFi5 modules, and WiFi6 modules. With the further development of WiFi technology, WiFi modules are no longer as simple as providing WiFi signals, but also realize wireless relay, data transmission, and video transmission. , intelligent control, etc. Among them, the emergence of WiFi6 module has enriched the application of WiFi technology.

In the early stage of WiFi module selection, it is first necessary to clarify what functions the WiFi module needs to implement in the R&D project, and what special requirements for the main chip, interface, DDR2, Flash and parameters of the WiFi module, such as transmit power, sensitivity, data rate , working temperature, transmission distance, etc.

The functions that the WiFi module needs to implement depends on the application scenario of the WiFi module and the application definition of the WiFi module in the finished product, whether it is to simply provide WiFi signals, do wireless relay, or do video transmission, data upload, intelligent control, etc.

The hardware features and module parameters such as the main chip, interface, transmit power, data rate, and transmission distance of the WiFi module can be obtained from the SKYLAB WiFi module selection table and the specifications of each model module.

WiFi4 module recommendation

Here, the editor of SKYLAB recommends a WiFi4 module that supports five working modes. The model is SKW92A. SKW92A integrates 802.11n MAC and baseband, 1 2.4GHz wireless broadcast device and front-end module, 1 580MHz MIPS CPU, 1 Fast Ethernet PHY. This module only needs to provide 3.3V power supply externally, which is suitable for electronic devices with low power consumption, low cost, and highly integrated AP.

SKW92A under the WiFi4 standard, the 20MHz bandwidth can reach 144Mbps data transmission speed, and the 40MHZ bandwidth can reach 300Mbps data transmission speed. The module supports bridge, AP Client, gateway mode. Its high performance can handle a variety of advanced applications, such as: routers, security and VoIP. The SKW92A has a variety of interfaces and supports various applications, such as: USB port for accessing external memory and 3G/TLE modems / video transmission in command.

As more and more fields of the Internet of Things hope to digitally migrate to the cloud and realize intelligent and digital management, higher requirements are also put forward for the transmission rate and bandwidth of the WiFi module. Tend to choose the more powerful WiFi5 module and WiFi6 module. Although the cost of WiFi6 modules is currently high, with the improvement of technology and the increase of WiFi6 chip manufacturers, the stimulation of healthy competition will inevitably make WiFi6 modules more cost-effective and lower in cost. It can be seen that based on WiFi technology, WiFi The IoT applications of modules will become more and more extensive.