Why Do You Need a Cheap WiFi Module?

2021-09-17/ By Admin

Why is the Need for Cheap WiFi Module?

“WiFi” is the short term for “wireless fidelity”. Its prime function is to connect to the internet facility through radio waves. As a result, it does not need a physical cable to hook up the internet.  A WiFi module offers an integrated antenna or it may provide an RF connector for an exterior antenna. The WiFi module, also called a serial WiFi module, belongs to the transmission layer of IoT. There is a software package with a WiFi module which is actually a device driver with an integrated 802.11 security layer along with a management and monitoring utility. Also, the function converts serial port or TTL level into a fixed module that can follow WiFi wireless network communication standards. Moreover, the cheap WiFi module enables reliable and secured wireless connectivity in every type of condition.

Workers in a robust business environment or people at home need a ubiquitous IoT in terms of transparent data rates. For designers, a WiFi module is a proven and solid option for wireless connection and IoT.  If you want to simplify your system, there are cheap wireless interface options, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This option offers a unique balance of power, data rates, range, inference immunity, and ease of use. The need for a cheaper WiFi module becomes impulsive because it allows for an insignificant WiFi overhead on the MCU. Also, it simplifies the code development effort. Developers can comfortably depend on the packaged WiFi stack.

Popularity of Cheap WiFi Module

The reputation of this module is chiefly due to its cost efficiency, convenience, and easy integration with other networking components. An example of a high performance yet affordable WiFi module is SKYLAB SKW78 High Performance 2.4g 5g dual band  UART Wifi module. This module is perfectly suitable for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Solution and integrates a dual core MIPS1004Kc (880MHz).

Listed below are a few points due to which the relatively cheaper module remains popular.


The wireless nature of low-cost WiFi modules enables the users to access network resources. The users can also access them from almost any convenient location inside their primary networking location (home or office). Due to the staggering increase in the saturation of laptop-style computers, the WiFi module is mainly a relevant choice.


The users who want to maintain an almost unbreakable affiliation with their preferred network may opt for IoT UART WiFi module. Now even if they wish to move from place to place, they can expect a constant affiliation with the network. In a working environment, it implies that there is a possibility that an employee becomes more productive.  Therefore, he or she can conveniently complete the task from any convenient location inside the working environment.


A good example of why you might need a cheap WiFi module is the ease of mobility.

In the WiFi context, mobility refers to the ability of a client device to switch, roam from one access point to another. As the public wireless networks keep on emerging, users can access the internet even outside their regular work environment. Most shopping malls, restaurants, and Hi-Tea shops, for instance, serve their customers the benefits of WiFi modules at negligible or no cost. An AP/ router WiFi module can effectively serve the purpose at such places.


The initial setup of an infrastructure-based wireless network needs relatively more space than a single access point. On the contrary, wired networks like LAN or WAN demand the additional costs of deployment. The reason behind this high cost is that they need physical cables that run through various locations. Sometimes, it becomes even difficult with hard-to-reach locations inside the building premises.


Sometimes there is a need for more clients to serve with wireless internet connectivity. With the existing equipment, the WiFi module serves the purpose at its best. There is no need to lay additional wiring or networking. On the other hand, the expensive wired networks are expensive. Perhaps, this is the major reason why lost cost USB WiFi modules are getting popular and replacing the expensive wired networks.


The cost of a WiFi module is exceptionally less than its wired counterparts. By implementing the WiFi networks, the residents and employers can save themselves from bearing higher costs of labor and wiring.

Features of a Cheap WiFi Module SKW78

  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and 802.11ac draft compliant
  • Dual-band 4T4R mode with data rate up to 1167Mbps
  • 2.4G band 2T2R Mode with support for a 300Mbps TX/RX PHY rate
  • 5G band 2T2R Mode with support for an 867Mbps TX/RX PHY rate
  •  DDR3 memory up to 1024Mb
  •  Flash memory up to 128Mb
  •  2 LAN ports and 1 WAN port with 1000Mbps PHY
  •  Firmware: Linux 2.6 SDK, OpenWRT
  •  Support WAN/LAN/USB/I2C/I2S/SD interfaces
  •  Support 20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz bandwidth
  •  Security: WEP64/128, TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2, WAPI
  •  Support AP/Client/Router mode
  •  RoHS compliance meets the environment-friendly requirements
  •  FCC, CE compliance
  •  71-pin header
  •  75.0mm(L) x 52.3mm(W) x 9.0mm(H) dimension

Applications of Cheap WiFi Module

There are various applications of WiFi module. Some of them are:

  • WiFi monitoring, TCP/IP and WIFI coprocessor
  • Serial port (RS232/RS485) to WiFi, TTL to WiFi
  • The use of WiFi is quite common in kids’ toys such as remote control cars, aircrafts, and other toys.
  • We have WiFi network radio applications in various places. In addition, WiFi application has an extensive use in camera and digital photo frame.
  • Also, modern medical equipment, data acquisition and other handheld devices need WiFi features for better performance.
  • There is high application of WiFi fat scale and smart card terminal. WiFi also converts an ordinary home to an intelligent home.
  • Also, WiFi modules have large scale applications in different industrial instruments and equipment for monitoring.
  • Modern agriculture and even military equipment need wireless related secondary development applications.


The rich feature IoT UART cheap WiFi module provides a complete solution for customer equipment to achieve WiFi networking. It also helps in achieving rapid application development. The WiFi module supports low power consumption in both standby states and data transmission. It also makes Bluetooth IoT easy, scalable, and secure.