What Are The Application Scenarios For Bluetooth Beacons?

2023-06-08/ By Admin

The most prominent technology in location services applications is the use of Bluetooth beacon technology. A Bluetooth beacon is simply a device that supports Bluetooth. It sends data in a standard format in ad packets and usually operates in transmission mode. Location systems work by deploying beacons in the area. Beacons send contextual data in broadcast packets. The locator device is responsible for detecting the presence of the beacon and determining its location in the area.

What is a Bluetooth beacon?

A Bluetooth beacon is a broadcast protocol built on the low-power Bluetooth protocol. It is also a low-power Bluetooth device that has this protocol and is compatible with the Apple ibeacon protocol. beacon devices are usually placed in a fixed location in the room. It makes a continuous broadcast to the surrounding.

What are the characteristics of Bluetooth beacons?

(1) Bluetooth beacons have low power consumption, long standby time, and do not require external power supply.

(2) Bluetooth beacons are fixedly mounted on walls or other static structures.

(3) Bluetooth beacons continuously send periodic signals.

(4) Bluetooth beacons are low cost and have a maximum of one device on a grid at a distance of 2-3 m.

How does a Bluetooth beacon work?

Bluetooth beacons broadcast a packet at specific intervals. The Bluetooth host performs a scanning action. The Bluetooth gateway receives the packets broadcasted by the Beacon at intervals. The broadcast packet contains the MAC address of the broadcasting device, which can be used for device calibration.

The host measures the strength of the signal, i.e. RSSI value, which can be used for distance measurement. If the phone has an app installed with Beacon function, it can turn on the corresponding action according to the received ID. Such as turn on the information of receiving broadcast, turn on the positioning distance measurement, turn on the program of pushing, etc.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth beacons?

(1) The positioning principle used by beacons is based on the Bluetooth active positioning method. Ideally it can achieve a positioning error of 1~3 meters.

(2) Bluetooth beacon tagging device has the characteristics of small size and long working time.

(3) Compared with the traditional UWB/RFID positioning solution, the positioning solution using Bluetooth beacons has lower success.

(4) Compared with wifi positioning, Bluetooth beacons are subject to less interference from the surrounding environment. Bluetooth power consumption is very low and has the characteristics of high compatibility and adaptability.

Application scenarios of Bluetooth beacons

(1) Information pushing

After the introduction of Bluetooth beacons in shopping malls, they can be arranged around each product area. When customers approach the Beacon, the cell phone will receive the current product information or coupons.

(2) Positioning Service

Bluetooth beacons can be applied to indoor positioning of exhibition, library, museum, hotel, airport, campus, hospital and other scenes. It facilitates the management of people or items.

(3)Attendance punching

As long as the cell phone opens Bluetooth, the personnel pass through the Bluetooth beacon punching device. It can realize personnel identification attendance punching card.

(4)Electronic fence
Bluetooth beacon equipment is placed in the bicycle parking area, and it can realize the dynamic management of vehicles.

(5)Data statistics

Bluetooth beacons can provide on-site data statistics service for enterprises.