• VG05 BLE Bluetooth Beacon for Indoor Positioning

    SKYLAB iBeacon Long Range nRF51832 Indoor Advertising Bluetooth Beacon

    view 2021.06.30

    SKYLAB beacon is a broadcast protocol based on Bluetooth BLE protocol, using NRF52 series chips, low power, programmable indoor ibeacon.iBeacon has a portable case shape, Easy to Install,waterproof structure, accurate hardware, robust firmware and external push button.

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    SKYLAB Professional rf module manufacturing supplier

    view 2021.06.30

    SKYLAB specialized in GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB, NB-IoT and other wireless products research and development. Aiming to supply high-quality, high-performance wireless modules and relevant application solutions to domestic and foreign customers who need OEM/ODM and system integrators. Committed to create long-term market value and potential increase for customers.

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    Using ultra-wideband UWB Bluetooth positioning technology to provide customers with high precision

    view 2021.06.30

    SKYLAB uses high-precision positioning products based on UWB technology to calculate the real-time position of the target through the TOF/TDOA algorithm, and the positioning accuracy can reach 10cm in an ideal environment. SKYLAB UWB positioning solution can be used in tunnels, substations, factories, warehousing, logistics, rail transit and other positioning solutions

  • td05-bluetooth-gateway-03

    SKYLAB Wireless 4G IOT WIFI BLE Gateway

    view 2021.06.30

    SKYLAB Bluetooth gateways integrate 4.2/5.0, 2.4GHz band WiFi and 4G network wireless communication protocols. Bluetooth and WiFi communicate through serial ports to realize data transparent transmission. It supports two power supply modes: POE switch and DC power supply. Can achieve 50-70 meters long-range coverage.

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    The most popular supplier of high-quality products to customers in European and American countries

    view 2021.06.30

    SKYLAB passed ISO-9001 Quality-Control system and TS-16949 automotive industry quality standard system, Germany TUV Nand certification Involved.Products have FCC/CE/RoHS certification and etc.