What are major applications of USB WIFI Dongle Soft Ap?

2022-02-24/ By Admin

Ever since USB WIFI dongle soft ap entered our lives, almost all of us use it on a daily basis. Whether for personal or professional purposes, connecting your device to the network is often one of the first things you do when you arrive somewhere.

USB WIFI Dongle Soft Ap

WIFI deploy a high-speed wireless local network

Internet by waves, WIFI has made cables disappear and makes it possible to easily deploy a high-speed wireless local network. Many public spaces offer free Wi-Fi and operators are racing to find the most economical offer, to the delight of consumers.

Here are some tips to solve your connection problems, from the most trivial to the most technical.

Turn off and on your USB WIFI dongle soft ap signal

This is often the first thought that comes to us when the WIFI starts to fail and it is indeed the first reflex to have. Start by interrupting it from your device, computer or mobile by turning off the signal reception. This can be done from your desktop icons on your computer or from the control panel.

If you're using your phone, a simple tap on the WIFI icon or switching to airplane mode should do the trick. You can also choose to restart your device. Especially if you have a number of updates to make or recently made.

Press “Reset” for a few seconds

If the problems persist, you can turn your USB WIFI dongle soft ap off and on again, either with a button on the box or by simply unplugging the device. It may take some time for the signal to re-emit so be patient. If, despite your best efforts, the connection is still not satisfactory. Most USB WIFI dongles have a “Reset” button that you can press for a few seconds. Your USB WIFI dongle will then be restarted with its factory settings.

This is also a good solution if you have forgotten your network password. After the reset, it will normally revert to the one listed under the USB WIFI dongle.

Make sure you are receiving internet correctly

After all, the problem may not come from USB WIFI dongle soft ap but rather from the internet speed that your box receives. In this case, it is normal that the signal relayed by the WIFI is weak. Verify that all Ethernet cables are securely inserted at both ends and are in good condition. If the DSL indicator is flashing on your box. This is a sign that the problem is potentially due to your speed.

If the problem persists, contact your service provider

You can also test the performance of your internet by connecting to your box by cable and opening an internet page to diagnose whether or not the problem is due to WIFI. Use a site like speedtest.net to find out the throughput at the source. It is possible that external causes that concern more than your individual network are at the root of your difficulties.

USB WIFI Dongle Soft Ap 2022

Metals are impassable for USB WIFI dongle soft ap waves

Avoid placing the USB WIFI dongle near metal objects because certain surfaces such as concrete. Prefer to install your box in height or on the floor rather than on the ground because the waves go down more easily than they go up.

Take a moment to consider the walls, ceilings, doors that your signal must pass through to reach your various devices. For example, if your cubicle is currently near your kitchen or professional equipment; try to find a better place.

Add a signal repeater: for increasing the power

If after mapping your space, you realize that your box cannot serve all your devices. We recommend that you get a signal repeater. The object will recover the signal emitted by your USB WIFI dongle soft ap and repeat it by increasing the power. Place it halfway between your repeater and the furthest device.

Be sure to adequately encrypt the signal transmitted by your repeater to maintain the level of security of your network so that it is not accessible by all.

If you live in a building or near other homes. Perform an intruder scan from time to time to make sure no one else is using your connection as this could easily explain low speed.

Change the frequency channel of your USB WIFI dongle soft ap

The connection problem you are experiencing may be because the network is noisy from other devices or networks using the same frequency. Even in a household of only four people, it is easy to reach around twenty emitting devices.

A Signal-to-Noise (SNR) heatmap provides a visual representation of your signal strength in your space, taking into account the noise produced by other electronic devices. You will see critical areas in red. Depending on your diagnosis, you can choose to strengthen your signal or keep other devices away.

Each channel is identical but some are used more than others

Imagine that you live in an apartment building: if everyone leaves their box on the default channel, it is likely that your throughput will suffer. A large majority of USB WIFI dongle soft ap and devices such as mobile phones, baby monitors use the same channel on the 2.4ghz frequency.

We advise you to change the channel used by your box by comparing the efficiency of each one or to put it in automatic channel. If your USB WIFI dongle is modern, it can transmit on the 5ghz frequency. Keep in mind that if you change the transmit frequency from 2.4ghz to 5ghz, the range of the frequency will be reduced.

Another solution is to limit the noise of the environment and move away or get rid of disturbing devices. Using the heat map will allow you to identify where the most problematic waves are coming from.

Update your USB WIFI dongle soft ap for better performance

Be sure to use the latest versions of search engines and other software on your various devices. In general, the more recent the version, the more performance will be optimized.

Each device on your network (USB WIFI dongle, computer, smartphone, etc.) has a network card managed by driver software. Updating these software and elements will allow you to obtain better compatibility and a better result. This may require opening your machine to change some parts. If you are not comfortable with the process, get professional help.

Change your hardware: can improve communication

As a last resort, consider changing your devices, USB WIFI dongle soft ap or computer. Prefer as much as possible network equipment from the same manufacturer as this can improve communication between different devices. If maintained in good condition, a laptop has a lifespan of five years. If you approach this limit, the performance of your machine may not be satisfactory.