Smart Hospital Bluetooth Watch IoT Solution - iBeacon Bluetooth Beacon Application

2024-05-16/ By Admin

The main control chip of the Bluetooth watch uses nRF52832 to achieve low-power standby and broadcast information transmission. The positioning scheme can use Bluetooth iBeacon to scan and forward the watch broadcast information and its RSSI, and then use Bluetooth gateway to collect watch information and report it to the backend server for RSSI resolution to achieve positioning. It can achieve indoor positioning or presence detection with an accuracy of 3-5 meters, and is recommended for personnel positioning in safety monitoring situations such as nursing homes, construction sites, factories, mines, hospitals, prisons, and epidemic isolation.

Smart Hospital Bluetooth Watch IoT Solution - iBeacon Bluetooth Beacon Application

The watch has an SOS button for distress function, which can promptly notify the backend monitoring personnel; Equipped with a heart rate sensor inside the table, it periodically transmits the heart rate data of the monitored personnel, facilitating the setting of heart rate alarm range in the background and monitoring of personnel's health status.

The watch strap is made of TPU thickened material, which is sturdy and durable. It comes with anti disassembly detection, and when the strap is cut or removed, a message will be sent to the background.

The following is a general framework for a smart hospital Bluetooth watch IoT solution:

Device layer

1. Bluetooth Watch: A smartwatch worn by patients, equipped with health monitoring functions (such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc.), positioning function, one click call function, etc.

2. Bluetooth gateway: deployed in various areas of the hospital, used to receive data from Bluetooth watches and transmit it to the backend system.

Network Transport Layer

Safely and stably transmit the data collected by the Bluetooth gateway to the backend server through the hospital's internal network.

Platform layer

1. Data management platform: Receive, store, and process data uploaded by Bluetooth watches for data analysis and mining.

2. Positioning and tracking system: Real time tracking of the position of the Bluetooth watch worn by the patient, making it convenient for medical staff to keep track of the patient's movements at any time.

3. Health monitoring system: Real time monitoring and warning of patients' physiological data, timely detection of abnormal situations.

4. Emergency call response system: When a patient initiates a one click call through the watch, it quickly responds and notifies relevant medical staff.

Application layer

1. Medical staff mobile application: Medical staff can view patient information, location, and health data at any time, receive emergency call notifications, etc.

2. Patient mobile application: Patients or their families can view personal health data, etc.

3. Hospital management system integration: Integrate with existing hospital management systems to achieve information sharing and collaborative work.


1. Real time monitoring of patient health status to improve medical safety and timeliness.

2. Precise positioning of patients facilitates medical management and services.

3. Improve hospital management efficiency and service quality.

4. Enhance the patient's medical experience and sense of security.

Of course, specific solutions need to be planned and customized in detail based on the actual needs, budget, and technical conditions of the hospital.