Smart Building - Asset and Material Positioning Management Solution

2024-07-09/ By Admin

In the context of smart buildings, we propose an innovative asset and material positioning management solution. This plan aims to achieve real-time, precise positioning and efficient management of various assets and materials inside the building through advanced technological means, and improve the efficiency and safety of building operations.

Smart Building - Asset and Material Positioning Management Solution

1、 Technology application

Using high-precision indoor positioning technology, such as ultra wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth low-power (BLE), to ensure the accuracy of asset and material location information, the error can be controlled within a very small range.

By combining Internet of Things (IoT) technology, intelligent sensors are equipped for asset materials to collect real-time status information, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.

2、 Functional characteristics

Real time positioning and tracking

It can display the location of assets and materials in real-time, making it convenient for management personnel to quickly search and allocate.

Asset inventory

Automatically complete the inventory of assets and materials, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Security warning

When assets and materials leave the preset area or exhibit abnormal conditions, timely alarms are issued to ensure asset safety.

Data analysis and report generation

Analyze data on the flow and usage of assets and materials, provide strong support for decision-making, and generate detailed reports.

3、 Intelligent passive positioning

1. Improving personnel management efficiency

◆ Electronic inspection check-in

◆ Track playback

◆ Cross border departure alarm

◆ Regional permission control (visitor area, danger area, special operation area)

◆ Electronic fence monitoring

2. Personnel safety production monitoring

◆ Overtime detention and overcrowding alarm

Personnel can call for help with just one click (in conjunction with the wristband work card)

Video surveillance linkage

◆ Positioning reverse rescue

3. Important equipment management

24-hour real-time positioning

◆ Track playback

Equipment boundary alarm

4. Information dataization

2D and 3D map display

◆ Digitization of character positioning

◆ Regional quantity statistics management

4、 Material and equipment management

1. Direction of personnel management efficiency

Electronic inspection, electronic attendance, trajectory playback, cross job alarm, etc., solve the traditional problems of employees forging inspection records and cross job alarms in personnel management, reduce management costs, and ensure efficiency.

2. Record production direction

Dangerous area control, overtime detention alarm, one click call for help by personnel, video surveillance linkage, etc., effectively prevent and control the occurrence of dangerous behaviors through real-time positioning feedback, and nip accidents in the bud.

3. Direction of Material and Equipment Management

24-hour 24-hour supervision of important internal materials, easily achieving effective supervision and tracking of materials by mastering the real-time location of equipment, electronic fences, entry and exit records, etc.

4. Informatization direction

The data collection centered on personnel and equipment positioning can support enterprises to continuously optimize business processes and management methods.