What is Smallest Bluetooth Module? Ultimate Guide 2022

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What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

Firstly, smallest bluetooth module Low Energy is a very low energy wireless networking technology used to connect devices.

Smallest bluetooth module

Secondly, this technology was first invented by Nokia in 2006 as Wibree, before it was developed by Nokia. Bluetooth Specific Taste Group ((((Bluetooth SIG)) in 2010, it was integrated into Bluetooth 4.0 named BLE. The main goal of integration is Optimized energy consumption.

Smallest bluetooth module not considers an ordinary Bluetooth upgrade. As well as, this is a new technology focused on IoT. 

2. Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy: What's the Difference?

In practice, these two technologies are used for very different purposes.

Bluetooth is generally suitable for processing, transmitting and exchanging large amounts of data (audio, video, etc.). However, it consumes more power and is more expensive.

Smallest bluetooth module technology is suitable for applications that do not require the transmission of large amounts of data, thus only needing to recover a small amount of data information. And thanks to that, the device does not need to be constantly connected, so it can run on batteries for many years at a lower cost than Bluetooth.

3. How can we use smallest Bluetooth module?

Smallest bluetooth module Low Energy has been widely applied to smart technology devices in various fields, so it was born with the expectation of bringing optimal efficiency to users through IoT devices. Such:

This is positioning an accessory that tracks the location of characters with high accuracy Samsung SmartTag. It is a device that can attach to many different objects so that the owner can easily find it when needed.

A Smallest bluetooth module home with characters controlled smartphones. For example, August Smart Lock turns the user's phone into an electronic key.

In addition, the smart bracelet supports tracking and recording information about exercise mechanisms and data synchronization for smartphone users.

BLE technology applies on CGMP devices to help monitor blood sugar levels

Beacon, one of the latest growths in location technology and neighborhood marketing, can identify and send product/promotion information to shop area visitors via smartphone.

The key systems of BLE technology are usually smartphones, tablets or laptops that support iOS, Android, Windows Phone and macOS, Linux, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

4. BLE device model.

4.1 Smart Bluetooth (single mechanism)

  • It can only communicate with Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

4.2 Bluetooth Smart Ready (dual mechanism)

  • Centralized devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets use Bluetooth Smart Ready chips (dual mechanism).

5. Pros and cons of smallest bluetooth module.

In fact, not all technological devices are excellent in terms of effects. There are always strengths and weaknesses, but they are not unique to us. 

5.1 Smallest Bluetooth module Benefits

First of all, it has ability to gradually lose minimal energy. Thanks to the mechanism that turns on when data is in, in and off when there is no data, the coin cell battery alone can help the device operate for months or years.

Although, smallest bluetooth module is a very important part of wireless technology, it has always received a lot of criticism. The Bluetooth connection is unstable, the data transfer rate is slow, and there are no particularly noticeable features. All the changes in the new Bluetooth 5.1 and everything you need to know about the technology.

1. What is Bluetooth 5.1?

In a nutshell, Bluetooth 5.1 is the latest Bluetooth technology standard with some of the most innovative new features.

 Built on top of the current Bluetooth 5.0 standard, Bluetooth 5.1 technology not only improves connection stability, but also provides real-time data including location and distance sensors.

2. How Improved Bluetooth 5.1

Smallest bluetooth module 5.1 brings a new set of innovations and is compatible with more and more devices. Basically, this standard allows you to discover Bluetooth 5.1 devices and determine their exact location within a few inches.

This is made possible with some improvements in Bluetooth 5.1. Here are some key innovations you should know about this wireless technology:

2.1. Direction Finder – Find device location

Currently, smallest bluetooth module 5.0 uses signal strength to estimate distances with limited accuracy. The new Bluetooth 5.1 standard uses a combination of two different methods to determine the signal transmission angle, providing greater accuracy.

Developers can use this navigation angle information to create Bluetooth-based navigation systems including Real-Time Navigation Systems (RTLS) and Indoor Navigation Systems (IPS). The life benefits of improved direction finding are unimaginable.

 Essentially, users can track smallest bluetooth module 5.1 enabled devices just inches away from their physical location. So even if you lose your wireless headset in the future, you can still find it quickly.

2.2. GATT Caching – improves connection reliability and battery life

Eventually, all devices establish a connection with each other using a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy or Common Attribute Profile (GATT)) connection. Every GATT device has a database called an attribute table. The computer has the services, attributes, descriptive structural information, and values ​​of GATT.

 When a device establishes a connection with another device, it collects these attributes and sends a discovery request discovery service for use in establishing this connection.

What's wrong with Bluetooth 5 1 2?

In the current smallest bluetooth module 5.0 standard, this service discovery request consumes a lot of time and energy, resulting in poor connection and high power consumption.

The Bluetooth 5.1 standard improves attribute caching, allowing hosts and untrusted clients to maintain attribute caches between connections, allowing devices to bypass connection discovery and establishment.

2.3. Advertising Bluetooth – Improves Scalability, Reliability and Energy Efficiency

The two main improvements regarding Bluetooth advertising are:

3. Random ad channel indexing

Smallest bluetooth module is completely different from Wi-Fi, but the same basic concepts apply here as well. This means that Bluetooth connected devices that broadcast a connection identifier will interact in too many areas, causing the connection to fail. Bluetooth 5.1 was born to overcome this problem in improving Bluetooth advertising.

4. Periodic synchronous transmission of advertising

The Smallest bluetooth module 5.0 standards now include a “SyncInfo” feature that allows Bluetooth devices to synchronize their scan and identification data broadcast schedules. As a result, both devices are sending data packets at the same time, reducing power consumption and making connection requests almost zero.

Smallest bluetooth module 2022

Bluetooth 5 1 no problem 4

Lastly, smallest bluetooth module 5.1 improves on this by introducing a new technology, Periodic Ad Synchronized Transmission (PAST) that allows devices to share this connection data with each other. For example, if my smartphone has already established a connection with my TV,

I can share that connection with my smart watch so I don't have to waste my energy doing the same thing. This improvement is especially useful for Bluetooth LE devices such as smart watches and smart bracelets with limited battery capacity

Currently, most computers can connect to Bluetooth, but in many cases Bluetooth does not work, please refer to the method below. Fix Bluetooth It won't work, won't connect and won't turn on my Windows computer.