Small Size PCB Bluetooth Module Development (2022)

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Small size pcb bluetooth module transmitting data between multiple digital devices is generally not a problem as long as you have the right cable to connect them. However, another method by which transferring images, videos and audio files becomes child's play. 

Small Size PCB Bluetooth Module

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  1. What is Bluetooth and what is it for?
  2. Why does Bluetooth exist?
  3. How does Bluetooth work?
  4. What types of devices is Bluetooth uses for?
  5. What Bluetooth versions are there?
  6. Similarly, what is the maximum range of small size pcb bluetooth module?
  7. How safe is using Bluetooth?
  8. In summary: The radio standard for now and forever?

What is Bluetooth and what is it for?

The term Bluetooth indicates a network technology that has elevate to an industry standard for radio communication by the IEEE 802.15.1 working group of the US Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 

Small size pcb bluetooth module uses for point-to-point wireless, voice and data connection between two separate digital devices. The main objective of the technology is to replace, or make completely obsolete, the connections with wires, particularly advantageous for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How virtual connection establishes between devices

"Without connection" means that the transmission takes place immediately, even if the recipient has not signaled his willingness to receive the data packet. In the case of a "connect" procedure, however, it’s before carrying out the actual data transfer. A virtual connection establishes between the two communicating devices.

However, compared to the other technologies mentioned, small size pcb bluetooth module achieves lower transmission speeds. So, sending larger data packets can take longer.  It is for the transmission of single files and less complex uses. However, Bluetooth is undoubtedly the ideal solution.

Why does Bluetooth exist?

The invention of Bluetooth is undoubtedly attributable to the widespread problem of cables: since the 1980s there have been several attempts to replace conventional transmission technologies with wires with wireless alternatives. 

One promising candidate was Infrared technology, which use for example to connect computers and printers. However, the small size pcb bluetooth module relatively high consumption of electricity and the need to establish. It maintains "visual contact" between the two communicating devices has prevented this technology from becoming established.

What Bluetooth versions are there?

Later, in 1990s, a consortium of electronics firms Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba create the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (for short: Bluetooth SIG), which aim to develop its own technology. 

The Bluetooth SIG group, founded in September 1998, is today a non-profit organization made up of approx...

 Any business that develops and manufactures small size pcb bluetooth module -enabled devices is required to join the organization. The most important promoters of the SIG are currently Apple, Ericsson, Lenovo, Nokia, Toshiba, Intel and Microsoft.

How iconic Bluetooth symbol is made up?

The fact that the two companies, Ericsson and Nokia, both come from Scandinavia, was certainly decisive in the choice of the name: Harald Blåtand , in English "blue tooth.

It was the Danish Viking king who succeeds, in the 10th century, to unify the enemy tribes of Norway and Denmark into a single kingdom? The iconic small size pcb bluetooth module symbol is made up of the ancient Germanic runes ᚼ and ᛒ, the initials of Harald Blåtand (HB).

How does Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth is the result of cooperation between different parties. The basic radio procedures are essentially attributable to the work of Dutch professor Jaap Haartsen and Swede Sven Mattisson both employed at the Internet and mobile network firm Ericsson. 

Small Size PCB Bluetooth Module 2022

Other aspects of Bluetooth are largely the work of the Intel and Nokia technology groups. We explain the technical details.

How Bluetooth chip works?

For a digital device to become “small size pcb bluetooth module compatible", it must have specific data transfer control software. A particular Bluetooth chip that has a transmitter and receiver unit installs in the hardware components. 

Popular manufacturers of these chips include Atheros, Nordic Semiconductor, and Toshiba. You can also connect a Bluetooth adapter to a device's USB interface to take advantage of this feature.

How Bluetooth connects?

The small size pcb bluetooth module frequency falls into the unlicensed ISM band in the 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz range. Compatible devices that comply with the Bluetooth SIG standards can, as Short Range Devices (SRD), operate without restrictions worldwide in this frequency band. Each device, to identify itself as such, has an individual 48-bit MAC address.

The ISM band includes that frequency bands use by high-frequency equipment from industry, science, in most cases, free for use.

What types of devices is Bluetooth use for?

A connection can initiate by any device that assumes the role of “Master” ("master") versus a " Slave " ("slave", ie the connected devices), creating a so-called " ble " (a Bluetooth network). This remains active until the Master deactivates the Bluetooth function in your system. 

The devices that want to connect to a small size pcb bluetooth module "listen" in scan mode, at intervals of 2.56 seconds, the signal of the Master. The connection is usually established within 1.28 seconds. Connecting two or more devices via Bluetooth is also call “pairing ".

How safe is using Bluetooth?

In practice it is necessary that the distance between the participants of a ble reduces and that the small size pcb bluetooth module function of the respective device activates. Activation takes place, depending on the device, via specific software, a checkbox or a button, mare with the Bluetooth symbol. 

The connection must then authorize by means of a PIN (often with four digits) which displays on the screen of the Slave device or is shown in the respective manual.

This login procedure intends to ensure security from third parties and should generally only perform once. The "paired" device saves in a list and automatically connects as soon as it comes within range of the ble, as long as Bluetooth activates.

The Bluetooth network (ble)

The small size pcb bluetooth module consists of up to eight active Bluetooth devices. The energy saving standby or PARK mode also allows you to set up bles with up to 200 devices that can activate on demand. A Bluetooth device can participate simultaneously in several bles as a Slave, but only in one as a Master. 

Up to ten bles form a so -called scatter net, all devices within this network can come into contact with each other; however the data transmission rate affects.