What is Serial bluetooth Transceiver module working?

2022-04-25/ By Admin

Firstly, surely you have sent music, photos, and movies to other phones by "shooting". But are you sure, you already know the details of this Serial bluetooth Transceiver module technology? 

What is Serial bluetooth Transceiver module working?

What is Bluetooth connection?

Secondly, Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection standard, designed for personal device connections, in the 2.4 GHz band. This technology can use to connect or transfer data between wireless devices, transfer calls and data such as contacts, calendars between desktops, notebooks.

Serial bluetooth Transceiver module connectivity standard is integrated on most mobile devices and this laptop brings very useful features to users. The effective range of Bluetooth is about 10m with data transmission rate of 1Mbps.

Working principle of Bluetooth

When connecting, Bluetooth will automatically find a compatible frequency to move to the device to be connected in the area to ensure stability during the connection between devices. 

About coverage, Bluetooth has 3 different classes:

1: capacity of 100mW with coverage of nearly 100m.

2: power 2.5mW, coverage range about 10m

 3: 1mW with coverage range of about 5m

And in Bluetooth it is a collection of many different protocols. 

The benefits of Bluetooth for human life

As well as, the benefits of Serial bluetooth Transceiver module for human life

  • Wireless data transmission between mobile device and computer.
  • Transfer files between computers.
  • Share network connection via Bluetooth
  • Connect peripheral devices such as: headset, smartwatch, mouse, Gamepad, printer.
  • Equip with Bluetooth connectivity for desktop computers. 
  • Applications in businesses such as: positioning, medical equipment, barcode scanning, traffic control equipment. 

Security solution when using Serial bluetooth Transceiver module

  • Disable Bluetooth when not using them.
  • Use Bluetooth in stealth mode
  • Be careful where you use Bluetooth.
  • Evaluate your security settings.
  • Take full advantage of security options.

A small antenna installs on the ARM central processor, which transmits electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency and length.


The principle of operation of Serial bluetooth Transceiver module bases on the transmission of radio signals that can receive by a special BLE gateway. After installation, the beacon begins to send signals at a specified interval.

 As soon as a mobile device with a pre-installed mobile application or enabled Bluetooth/Wi-Fi enters the tag's field of action, it recognizes these signals and starts performing certain tasks (sending push notifications or contextual advertising to the user).


Indoor navigation

The use of Serial bluetooth Transceiver module helps businesses improve the customer experience. Visitors are given the opportunity to navigate indoors with the construction of an interactive map in real time. Using a mobile application, a person can build routes to places of interest and quickly find the right points inside the building.

So, with the help of beacons in stores, you can easily find the necessary goods, and when visiting exhibitions and museums, you can quickly get to the exhibits of interest. This approach significantly improves the user experience of customers and provides companies with direct channels of communication with visitors.

Location determination (positioning)

Accurate positioning is a relevant solution in a large enterprise. Serial bluetooth Transceiver module successfully cope with this function and help to quickly locate a person or asset. When use, you can:

  • track the movement of people, equipment, vehicles;
  • Determine the fact of misuse of working time;
  • Respond immediately to emergency situations;
  • Control and redirect the flow of people.

Asset and personnel tracking

Serial bluetooth Transceiver module play an important role in ensuring the safety of the enterprise. They can install on equipment, built into wearable devices of employees, which allows you to track the movement. Thanks to the introduction of beacons, the use of a positioning system becomes an effective solution in preventing emergencies and eliminates theft of company property.

The devices also help to control the work of employees. With their help, you can record the time of arrival and departure from work, lateness, absence from the workplace. The technology helps to build digital interactive maps with access zones and monitor unauthorized entry into such places.

Unlimited possibilities for Analytics

The use of Serial bluetooth Transceiver module opens up unlimited possibilities for analyzing visits to shops, hospitals, administrative and other institutions. They help to build heat maps, develop visitor flow maps, as well as determine the fact and frequency of visits to the enterprise. With the insights gained, marketers can better understand visitor behavior and personalize offers for specific customers.

Serial bluetooth Transceiver module 2022

Social or marketing interaction

By using beacons, you can provide users with engaging and relevant content. Serial bluetooth Transceiver module easily determine the location of users, allow you to evaluate their behavior, and then send information to the smartphone according to the analysis. Clients will receive targeted push notifications that may contain the following information:

  • greetings;
  • notifications about current promotions, special offers, sales;
  • useful information about goods or services;
  • Promotional offers.

This approach increases user loyalty, makes the institution more attractive in the eyes of the client and encourages him to return.

Tracking the flow of people for safety during Covid-19

In the context of the spread of the pandemic, serial bluetooth Transceiver module help the management of the enterprise to take effective measures to prevent infection of staff and visitors. With their help, you can solve several important tasks:

  • Serial bluetooth Transceiver module Contact tracing - by determining the location, they allow you to record the number of contacts of a particular person, as well as determine the duration of the interaction.

Among the main advantages of the devices are affordable cost and ease of installation. Installation of the beacon does not take much time and can carries out both on stationary and moving objects. In fact, the Serial bluetooth Transceiver module is a transmitter that is enough to attach to the surface and set up for further work.

High click-through rate

 Statistics show that beacon ad campaigns have much higher CTRs than other ad options. So, click-through rate when using them is 80% higher than similar indicators of display ads.

Serial bluetooth Transceiver module also provide many benefits for marketers. They provide specialists with a new channel of interaction with clients and provide:

Opportunities for online retargeting

 Thanks to the use of navigation systems, it is possible to keep in touch with customers even after they have left the store. If buyers viewed an advertising campaign within the walls of an outlet, then later marketers can retarget them through Google Ads or on the social network Facebook.