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GNSS Module


Vehicle Positioning And Navigation GPS Module SKG123ND

SKG123ND is a high-performance vehicle-mounted integrated navigation module for the field of vehicle-mounted navigation.

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Positioning Accuracy 1.2m
Timing precision 30ns

SKG123ND is a high-performance vehicle-mounted integrated navigation module for the field of vehicle-mounted navigation. The module contains a high-performance chip which supports GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo,QZSS satellite reception and L1+L5 dual-frequency positioning, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis acceleration, etc. Through the online adaptive integrated navigation algorithm, the SKG123ND provides real-time and high-precision vehicle positioning, speed measurement, and attitude measurement information. When the signal precision of GNSS system decreases or even the satellite signal is lost, SKG123ND utilizes pure inertial navigation technology without resorting to odometer information. It can also carry out high-precision positioning, speed measurement, and attitude measurement on the vehicle carrier alone for a long time. The module can directly output the total mileage, which is convenient for customers to measure mileage.


Product Features:

◆ High performance three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer

◆ Complete orthogonal error, temperature drift error compensation

◆ Each product calibration parameters are inconsistent in anti-piracy

◆ Compact modular design can save user product space

◆ Plug and play standard communication protocol NEMA0183

◆ No installation Angle is required to facilitate vehicle-mounted installation

◆ Supports RTCM2.3-3.3 protocols

◆ Sub-meter navigation in complex environment

◆ Compliance with RoHS, FCC, CE

Product Advantages:

◆ High precision attitude heading information was obtained by eliminating gyro drift

◆ High precision velocity information is obtained by eliminating vibration acceleration

◆ Zero - speed correction algorithm can prevent navigation data drift

◆ Extended Kalman Filter algorithm based on adaptive

◆ Identify and isolate GNSS data with large errors

◆High precision positioning is realized by pure inertial navigation

◆ Autonomous switch between integrated navigation and pure inertial navigation technology

Parameter Description Performance
Receiver type L1 1602 MHz: GLONASS L1OF

1575.42 MHz:GPS L1CA/QZSS L1CA/SBAS L1/QZSS L1 SAIF/Galileo E1/(E1B+E1C)

1561.098 MHz: BeiDou B1l

L5 1176.45 MHz:GPS L5/QZSS L5/Galileo E5a/BeiDou B2a
First Positioning Time (TTFF) Cold start 28s
Hot Start 1s
Auxiliary start 5s
Sensitivity Track -165dBm
Capture -160dBm
Accuracy Horizontal

positioning precision

Autonomous positioning:1.2m


Timing precision RMS:30ns


Speed precision 0.05m/s
Course accuracy 0.3degrees
Operational constraint Dynamic <=4g
Altitude <=50,000m
Speed <=500m/s

◆ High precision vehicle navigation

◆ Intelligent transportation of buses

◆Remote vehicle monitoring

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