Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521
Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521
Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521
Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521
Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521
Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521
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Personnel Positioning UWB Worker Card Tag VDU1521

UWB staff card tags support 25-30 meters long-distance positioning and ranging. VDU1521 integrates DW1000 and nRF52832, supports TWR/TDOA positioning algorithm, and the positioning accuracy is 10-30 cm.

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Chip nrf52832/DW1000
Positioning accuracy 10cm
Size 5mm * 54mm * 7.5mm

VDU1521 indoor and outdoor positioning card, the main control chip uses NRF52832 to achieve low-power standby, positioning packet transceiver control,
The positioning scheme adopts DW1000 to realize the TDOA indoor high-precision algorithm based on UWB and the built-in GPS module. Satellite received outside
The signal can be switched to GPS positioning, or indoor switching to UWB positioning, which can achieve high precision indoor positioning and outdoor positioning of the wearer
Locate. Built-in acceleration speed sensor, intelligent switching of personnel movement and stationary positioning frequency, to achieve the lowest power consumption of standby, while working cassette
There is an SOS button for help, which can realize the location of personnel in security monitoring occasions such as nursing homes.

Instructions for use:

(1) Power on

Press and hold the button until the blue light turns on. Release the button, the blue light will stay on for 3s and then turn off, indicating that the boot is successful. The card will be turned on when charging.

(2) SOS for help

After the work card is successfully turned on, pressing the button will indicate an emergency call for help.

(3) Shut down

After powering on, press the button 3 times continuously. The interval between each time is about 1s, and the last long press, the red light turns on and then turns off, indicating that the shutdown is successful.

(4) Charging

Insert one end of the matching charging cable into the 5V DC charging adapter, and align the other end with the charging interface seat by magnetic force. The red light starts flashing at a frequency of 1s, and when fully charged, the blue light will light up, indicating that it is fully charged. After removing the charger, the blue light turns off.

Motion refresh frequency
Static refresh frequency
Power consumption
Standby: 20uA,  TX standard power: 150mA
General using time when fully charged
1 month
Positioning distance
Battery capacity
Operational:   -20~60℃,   Charging:     0~40℃
UWB Parameter
Default 3.9936±0.25GHz(with PA/LNA),support all channels ch1-5(Without PA)
IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UW
BLE Parameter
Default off after 30 seconds
512 KB flash/64 KB RAM 256 KB flash/32 KB RAM
Support BLE5.0 (No Longrange)
AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.35A
DC 5V /1A

UWB positioning tags are often used for high-precision personnel positioning management. There are two common scenarios:

(1)VDU1521 is used for high-precision UWB positioning, as shown in the following figure.

(2)VDU1521 does high-precision TWR two-way ranging, which can realize collision avoidance warnings of people and vehicles.

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