nRF51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 Bluetooth Beacon

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Recommend 6 Kinds of nRF51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 Bluetooth Beacon

SKYLAB is the world's leading supplier of Bluetooth beacons. SKYLAB has developed and promoted 6 beacon Bluetooth beacons based on nrf51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 chip solutions

Recommend 6 Kinds of nRF51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 Bluetooth Beacon

The beacon Bluetooth beacon developed based on Nordic nrf51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 chip solution features low power consumption and good stability. It has a wide range of applications and is deeply loved by the majority of Bluetooth application developers.

The following 6 pictures are shown for your reference selection.

Recommend 6 Kinds of nRF51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 Bluetooth Beacon

1.Based on nRF52832/nRF52810 Solution VG05

VG05 is developed based on Nordic nRF52832 and nRF52810 solutions, and the default matching chip is nRF52810. VG05 is a Bluetooth 4.2 beacon. VG05 is deeply loved by customers for its excellent stability, powerful IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance, and convenient installation.

VG05 beacon is often used for Bluetooth positioning and Bluetooth navigation applications. Many airports, nursing homes, and shopping malls have already installed and deployed VG05.

2.Based on nRF52832/nRF52810 Chip Solution VG02

The Bluetooth chip matched with VG02 is nRF528XX series chip. Customers can choose nRF52810 or nRF52832 chip solutions according to their own product application requirements.

VG02 is a Bluetooth 4.2 beacon with IP66 waterproof rating. It supports screw installation and is used for broadcast information push. Or it is also very suitable to be used in the Bluetooth positioning and navigation system.

3.Develop iBeacon VDB1615 Based on nRF52810

The Bluetooth beacon VDB1615 is developed based on the nRF52810 solution and is a Bluetooth 4.2 beacon beacon device.

VDB1615 Bluetooth covers a range of 100 meters, and is often used as a Bluetooth positioning base station device. Used in Bluetooth positioning system. Support mobile app to modify parameters.

4.VDB1506 Bluetooth Positioning Tag for Helmet Based on nRF52832 Solution

VDB1506 is a helmet Bluetooth positioning tag developed based on the nRF52832 chip solution, and it is also a Bluetooth 4.2beacon beacon device.

VDB1506 is used as a personnel positioning tag, which is worn on the head. Commonly used in some scenarios for positioning and navigation, such as construction sites, docks, logistics parks, warehouses and other occasions.

5.Beacon VDB1611 based on nRF52832 Chip Solution

VDB1611 is a Bluetooth 4.2 beacon device developed by SKYLAB based on nRF52832 chip. VDB1611 integrates accelerometer and temperature and humidity sensor, and can collect acceleration information on the basis of traditional Bluetooth beacon. Or the temperature and humidity information in the surrounding environment, broadcast it. Then Collect and upload to the cloud server through the Bluetooth gateway.

6.VG01 Based on nRF51822 Chip Solution

VG01 is developed based on Nordic nrf51822 chip and is a Bluetooth 4.0 beacon device. It is often used for information push, or used in Bluetooth positioning and navigation systems.

The above are the 6 beacon Bluetooth beacon devices developed by SKYLAB based on the nrf51822/nRF52832/nRF52810 chip solution. Customers who need Nordic chip beacon beacons come to consult the editor! SKYLAB website: