Application scenario of Low Power Bluetooth Module

2022-03-08/ By Admin

Low-power Bluetooth module

Low-power Bluetooth module has high reliability, high security, low cost, low power consumption, fast startup, instant link, long transmission distance, and other performance.

Bluetooth Low Energy makes up for the shortcomings of the previous classic Bluetooth, And quickly applied to various industries.
The main working modes of Bluetooth low energy consumption are transparent transmission and control.

The following are some applications:

Low-power Bluetooth transparent mode

(1) Medical applications: heart rate monitor

The Bluetooth heart rate monitor is based on the original heart rate monitor, adding a low-power Bluetooth transparent transmission module. Through serial communication, the Bluetooth connection between the heart rate instrument and the smartphone is realized to record the heart rate parameters, providing analysis and evaluation for users. In addition, it can be applied to blood glucose meters, digital blood pressure meters, blood gas meters, digital pulse/heart rate monitors, digital thermometers, ear thermometers, skin moisture meters, etc.

(2) Industrial application: tire pressure monitoring

The sensor detects the tire pressure and transmits the relevant data of the tire pressure to the Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, and various indicators can be viewed on the mobile phone. The same can be applied to battery bell detection.

Low-power Bluetooth directive control working mode

(1) Smart home: LED control

Single control: The LED has a built-in low-power Bluetooth module, which can control the color and brightness of the light through the mobile app, using the color palette, and sound. Video operation: Bluetooth 4.0BLE module application color control light_Bluetooth SKB360/362.

Network control: The low-power Mesh Bluetooth module is built into the LED, which can control the color and brightness of a single light, a group of lights, etc. through a mobile phone. Video DOME demonstration: Bluetooth Mesh networking Demo demonstration to control the LED.

(2) Smart lock

The low-power Bluetooth module is built into the lock, the mobile phone Bluetooth is connected to the Bluetooth of the lock, and the app sends commands to control the unlocking.