How To Choose A Bluetooth Gateway?

2022-11-22/ By Admin

Now there are many Bluetooth gateway manufacturers on the market. What factors do you need to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth gateway?

How To Choose A Bluetooth Gateway?

SKYLAB is a Bluetooth gateway manufacturer in China. SKYLAB editors sort out the 6 main factors that need to be considered when purchasing a Bluetooth gateway.

1.Choose a Bluetooth gateway according to the application scenario

What are you purchasing the Bluetooth gateway for? Bluetooth gateways are commonly used in IoT Bluetooth device management and docking applications, and are divided into the following categories:

(1) Collect data

You can use the Bluetooth gateway to connect with Bluetooth devices to collect data. The gateway collects data from Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors, Bluetooth bracelets, Bluetooth ear tags, etc. It uploads the collected data to the server. This kind of application is relatively simple, and you can choose Bluetooth 4.2 gateway or Bluetooth 5.0 gateway according to the actual situation.

(2) Long connection mode

If you choose a Bluetooth gateway, it is used to connect Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth mattresses, Bluetooth lamps, and blood pressure monitors for data transmission applications. You can choose a Bluetooth gateway according to the number of Bluetooth devices that need to be connected.

One Bluetooth gateway VDB2602 can connect up to 28 Bluetooth devices. One Bluetooth gateway VDB2603 can stably connect up to seven Bluetooth devices for data transmission.

(3) Broadcasting, scanning and connection three working modes

Users sometimes need to use the Bluetooth gateway to collect data, and sometimes need the Bluetooth gateway to connect to Bluetooth devices, control switches, etc. At this time, when choosing a Bluetooth gateway, you need to choose a Bluetooth gateway that can support broadcasting, scanning, and connection at the same time. The Bluetooth of SKYLAB's Bluetooth gateway supports three working modes: broadcast, scan and connect.

(4) Bluetooth gateway for indoor positioning applications

The Bluetooth gateway is used for indoor positioning, such as common personnel positioning and fixed asset positioning management. Common scenarios include: nursing homes, large comprehensive shopping malls, scenic spots, museums, properties, office buildings, etc.

2.Choose according to the usage scenario of the Bluetooth gateway

The usage scenarios of Bluetooth gateways are various, and they are common in the following scenarios. You can choose according to the following different usage scenarios.

(1) Indoor scenes

You can choose a Bluetooth gateway with a lower cost engineering plastic shell. Such as Bluetooth gateway VDB2601, VDB2602, VDB2603, VDB2606.

(2) Outdoor scenes

You can choose a waterproof Bluetooth gateway. If it is not convenient to deploy network cables or connect to WiFi, you can choose a Bluetooth gateway that supports 4G mobile networks. For example, VDB2609 has IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

(3) Mobile scene

You can choose a Bluetooth gateway with a 4G card inserted. For example, VDB2605 is powered by a DC adapter, which can be quickly installed and deployed, and quickly used.

(3) Explosion-proof occasions

You can choose to configure the Bluetooth gateway with explosion-proof housing. Such as Bluetooth gateway VDB2607, VDB2609, VDB2610.

(4) Explosion-proof occasions

Explosion-proof occasions such as chemical plants, gas stations, coal mines and other occasions. You can choose the Bluetooth gateway VDB2613 equipped with a flameproof metal case.

3.Filtering method of bluetooth gateway

During the use of the Bluetooth gateway, there is interference from the broadcast data of other Bluetooth devices around. The Bluetooth gateway will collect a lot of irrelevant broadcast data.

In the process of purchasing a Bluetooth gateway, the filtering method of the Bluetooth gateway should also be considered. SKYLAB Bluetooth gateway already supports four ways to filter Bluetooth devices, including semaphore value RSSI, Bluetooth device name, Beacon UUID, and CompanyID.

4.Price of Bluetooth Gateway

SKYLAB is the world's leading supplier of Bluetooth gateways. SKYLAB is committed to providing customers with low-cost Bluetooth gateways. Among similar Bluetooth gateway products, SKYLAB's Bluetooth gateway has a considerable advantage in price.

5.Does the Bluetooth gateway support unified centralized management

In many IoT projects, a large number of Bluetooth gateway accesses are required. It is very necessary for you to choose a unified and centralized management of the Bluetooth gateway.

SKYLAB provides a Bluetooth gateway configuration and management system. SKYLAB provides an online, centralized management platform for unified configuration parameters and unified management of Bluetooth gateways.

SKYLAB's Bluetooth gateway features:

Remote management and configuration of Bluetooth gateway.

Manage a huge number of Bluetooth gateways in batches.

The system can be deployed locally or in the cloud.

View online Bluetooth gateway devices in real time.

Record the operation log to facilitate the traceability of subsequent problems.

Clear user role management.

6.Choose according to the characteristics of the Bluetooth gateway

(1) Bluetooth

At present, the common ones are Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0. You can choose the corresponding Bluetooth version according to your needs.

(2) Wi-Fi

Generally, the WiFi of the Bluetooth gateway is 2.4GHz single-frequency WiFi. SKYLAB can provide a Bluetooth gateway for dual-band WiFi.

(3) 4G/5G/ZigBee/Lora

SKYLAB can provide 4G Bluetooth gateways VDB2605 and VDB2609. SKYLAB can also provide Bluetooth gateways integrated with 5G, ZigBee or Lora.