GPS Module in the application of vehicle positioning and navigation

2023-07-07/ By Admin

In the past decade, IoT technology has developed rapidly. GPS module, WiFi module, Bluetooth module provide positioning and connection services for more and more abundant terminals. Various applications of location-based IoT services have quietly entered the lives of ordinary people. The interconnection of all things makes it especially easy for us to obtain time and space. I introduce the GPS module in the Internet of Things through this article for the vehicle positioning application.

What are the characteristics of GPS technology?

At present, the positioning application of GPS module in the market is the most common. It has good signal, high positioning accuracy and wide range of use. The disadvantage of GPS module is that the signal cannot pass through the building. Thus it cannot be used indoors such as underground parking lots, under high bridges, and under dense buildings. Moreover, GPS is slow in searching stars when it first starts positioning, which takes about 2~3 minutes.

However, many GPS positioning devices have AGPS or EPO assisted positioning function. SKYLAB's GPS module also has AGPS or EPO assisted positioning function. Its cold start speed is controlled at about 23s now, warm start at 2-3s, and hot start is even less than 1s.

What is GPS module?

GPS module integrates RF chip, baseband chip and core CPU, peripheral circuits. GPS module continuously outputs positioning information and auxiliary information in NMEA format through serial communication port. the GPS receiver can choose the application.

How is GPS module applied to vehicle positioning in IoT?

Vehicle positioning system is developed based on GPS module. GPS provides positioning information for motor vehicles. GPS system can provide high precision standard timing navigation and positioning services. GPS module can obtain latitude and longitude information in real time. A series of information obtained by the vehicle positioning system is processed to determine the specific location of the vehicle.

GPS modules are often used to locate excavators, concrete vehicles and logistics vehicles. How to be able to ensure the operation within the specified time and place is a great concern for the operation company. The vehicle positioning navigation system has an embedded GPS module. The system can automatically access these vehicles to the company's service platform.

How does the GPS module achieve command and dispatch in the vehicle?

It uses the vehicle GPS receiver processor combined with RTK, which can realize the scheduling management and real-time tracking of vehicles. The vehicle radio sends GPS positioning information to the dispatching command and monitoring center. The dispatching command monitoring center grasps the specific location of each vehicle in time. It is displayed on the electronic map on the big screen, so as to realize the real-time command and monitoring of the vehicles.

GPS module in the vehicle industry to achieve real-time scheduling functions for vehicle monitoring, alarm, etc. It can improve the vehicle operation safety and emergency response processing.