Bluetooth ble 5.0 Module Pros & Cons 2021

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Bluetooth ble 5.0 Module

What is Bluetooth ble 5.0 module?

Basically, Bluetooth ble 5.0 module is small wireless transmitters that hold a negligible amount of data. This technology is capable of transmitting radio signals to a nearby smartphone or tablet. Beacon works on Bluetooth platform. Moreover, Beacon's mission is to connect and transmit information to smart devices. As a result, the process of interaction and search by location will be more effective.

In which devices installed Bluetooth ble 5.0 module

Beacon is installed at different locations and emits Bluetooth (BLE) singles. This technology creates a form of implicit interaction to attract a significant number of customers for the business. However, According to many studies, Beacon is the technology solution applied by most of the major brands in the world.

In fact, Bluetooth ble 5.0 module appeared born a long time ago. This technology solution originates from the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

In which year Bluetooth was first invented?

In 1994, Bluetooth ble 5.0 module first appeared in telecommunications service provider Ericsson. This protocol allows the transmission of data such as audio, video, images. Through a wireless personal network. By 2010, Bluetooth Low Energy released. In addition, this technology allows the transfer of simple links and small amounts of data directly.

In particular, Beacon is the hardware that helps transmit BLE signals to Bluetooth-enabled receivers. This operation becomes the machine-to-machine (M2M) communication method. Similarly, this is the process involved in locating the BLE Beacon.

Several types of Beacon protocols

  • Apple's iBeacon
  • In late 2013, Apple first launched its Beacon protocol, iBeacon. This beacon works powerfully on both Google's Android and Apple's iOS.
  • Strength
  • Moreover, popularly developed
  • Also, Implementing iBeacon protocol is quite easy and simple
  • When working on iOS produces very consistent performance

What is Google's Eddystone Bluetooth ble 5.0 module?

Eddystone was launched by Google in mid-2015. The first name of Eddystone was Uri Beacon. This is beacons are specially made to be able to pass through three different types of frames.

This protocol works strongly on both iOS and Android platforms. Eddystone Bluetooth ble 5.0 module is considered the only beacon that transmits all three types of frames by Google, including:

  • URL: Sitelinks to devices. URL supports phones to access websites without installing apps
  • UID: Works similar to Apple's UUID but the string has only 16 numbers that identify the individual beacon. This framework has the ability to activate the application on the phone effectively
  • TLM: Through telemetry, this type of framework can realize communication between administrative data and sensors


  • Bluetooth ble 5.0 module is extremely flexible opening and formatting
  • Integrate with Google products easily
  • Is an open protocol that supports cross-platform

What is AltBeacon Technology?

Radius Networks developed AltBeacon and released it to the market in July 2014. The protocol is open-sourced to help overcome single-vendor preferred protocols.


  • Is an open source beacon
  • Moreover, it is compatible with all mobile operating systems
  • More flexibility when applying customizable source code

Geo Bluetooth ble 5.0 module

This protocol was announced by Tecno-World in July 2017. Geo Beacon is a compact, open source data storage protocol. 


  • Is an open source protocol
  • Compatible with other mobile platforms
  • Moreover, protocol coordinates are in high resolution
  • Uses 8 bytes of data for the user
    Bluetooth ble 5.0 Module 2021

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth ble 5.0 module?

Advantages of Beacon

Low cost

Beacons are compact devices. Therefore, using beacons will help users save costs compared to other modern technologies.

Easy to use

The process of deploying Beacon devices is extremely simple and easy. Beacons such as USB or computer mice are very easy to set up. In addition, large-scale deployment of beacons is also quite simple with the original Beacon.

Bluetooth ble 5.0 module Increase customer experience

Also, Bluetooth ble 5.0 module technology allows businesses to market in a personalized way. Therefore, the announcements and advertisements will be delivered in the most optimal and effective way.

High reliability

Data transmitted through Beacon can pass through thick walls or underground areas. Because this technology works mainly based on Bluetooth. In addition, some Beacon suppliers offer additional resistance to exogenous factors.

Increase accessibility

However, most smartphones support Beacon technology. Therefore, businesses can easily reach users anywhere.

Quick integration

Most Beacon services come with an SDK (Software Development Kit) and a Backend management tool. As a result, users can quickly integrate Beacon with existing applications.

Some limitations of Bluetooth ble 5.0 module

Only compatible with mobile devices

Most Bluetooth ble 5.0 module only work when connected to the mobile app. If you want your customers to have a smoother Beacon experience, you need to add new features to your app.

User can turn off Bluetooth

Most Beacon-based solutions require user consent. However, now the flow of content from all sides seems to be endless, and even if you install only a few apps, you still get a lot of notifications.

Therefore, users often have the habit of turning off Bluetooth on the phone to avoid nuisance. As a result, users may miss your content on Beacon no matter how engaging and interesting it is.

Not possible for every business

Using Bluetooth ble 5.0 technologies in sales and marketing is quite simple. This solution is even applied to many different service industries. However, for medium and large enterprises, which require a highly scalable solution, the Beacon application is quite complex. Therefore, you will have to spend time and money to hire a software engineer with expertise to support.

In the era of technology 4.0, Beacon deserves to be the optimal solution that every business needs to apply. Making full use of Beacon's potential is the most effective way to help you win customers.

Frequently asked questions about Beacon

Where are beacons common?

Currently, Beacon technology is applied mainly in the field of marketing and navigation. Overall, Beacon is easy to apply to many different industries and fields such as:

  1. Restaurants
  2. hotels
  3. Moreover, education
  4.  Tourism
  5. Similarly, manufacturing
  6. Supply chain management, etc.

How does Beacon technology work?

Basically, beacon is essentially an extremely simple device. Moreover, this technology includes: a CPU, battery and radio. Beacon's main operation is based on Bluetooth for signal transmission. Furthermore, these signals will be transmitted to nearby smart devices.

Why is Bluetooth ble 5.0 module important?

Bluetooth ble 5.0 module is important for two reasons:

They can transmit radio waves. Moreover, they can penetrate physical obstacles such as concrete or walls


In the era of technology 4.0, Beacon deserves to be the optimal solution that every business needs to apply. Making full use of Beacon's potential is the most effective way to help you win customers.