Application of AP/Router WiFi Module in Healthcare

2022-03-22/ By Admin

Today, IoT applications have been involved in all aspects of life. IoT wireless technology is developing rapidly. Hospitals can realize intelligent medical management of people and things.

The author of this SKYLAB introduces the application of the AP/Router WiFi module in intelligent medical care.

AP/Router WiFi Module : provide WiFi signal

To realize intelligent medical treatment and management, hospitals cannot do without the network. In the process of building the hospital Internet of Things, it is necessary to realize the network coverage of the hospital through WiFi. Use the router with built-in AP/Router WiFi module to convert 3G/4G data signals into WiFi signals through the USB interface.

AP Routing: provide WiFi signal

Data transmission: Simple implementation of telemedicine

Telemedicine health is data sharing through the wireless network. Use the WiFi module to transmit the data measured by the medical device on the patient to the remote medical care terminal. It can realize unmanned real-time online monitoring and health and safety status analysis.

Intelligent regulation: adjust the temperature and humidity of the medical refrigerator

The medicine refrigerator stores have frozen vaccines and medicines. In order to ensure the best efficacy, it is in the intelligent regulation of the medical refrigerator. Using the integrated WiFi+Bluetooth combination module, the server receives the real-time temperature and humidity of the medical refrigerator. Medical staff can view the data in real-time through the corresponding mobile APP and make real-time adjustments.

Critical care: locating the patient's location

Personnel positioning in intensive care patients. Utilize the integrated WiFi+Bluetooth gateway, combined with the positioning bracelet to monitor the patient's range of activities in real-time. Analyze behavior and monitor issues such as falls and automatically alert caregivers and healthcare services.

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