Active antenna single Beidou module

2024-06-13/ By Admin

SKG092DB is a low-cost and cost-effective single Beidou positioning module that supports receiving satellite signals such as BDSB1I and B1C. This module has a small size, high integration, and is easy to apply, making it very suitable for GNSS scale applications with high cost requirements.

Active antenna single Beidou module

The RF part of this module is equipped with LNA and SAW, and it is recommended to connect an active antenna externally. The gain of the antenna should not exceed 30dB. The module is equipped with active antenna detection and antenna overcurrent protection functions, which can detect the normal connection, open circuit, and short circuit status of the active antenna, and send out prompt messages based on NMEA data.

Product features

◆ 10.1mmx9.7mm small size, low power consumption, low cost, and high cost-effectiveness

◆ Support single system independent positioning and multi system joint positioning

◆ Support A-GNSS auxiliary positioning function

◆ Support active antenna detection and protection

◆ Support BDSB1I, B1C

◆ Compatible with mainstream BDS modules, saving replacement costs

◆ SMD surface pasting mode, convenient for mass production

Power supply

To ensure the performance of positioning, the ripple of the module power supply should be controlled as much as possible. It is recommended to use LDO power supply with a current of 100mA or above. The backup power supply acts on the basic power management system of the module and allows the module to maintain ephemeris data for hot start after the main power is cut off. If separate power supply is required for the backup power, please ensure that the power supply voltage is greater than or equal to the main power supply voltage.

Attention: If there is no available backup power supply, please connect AVDD-BAK to the main power VDD and do not hover.

Reset and working mode control

The working mode of this GNSS positioning module is controlled by two pins: PRRSTX and PRTRG. Under normal module operation, PRTRG alone does not work, while PRRSTX serves as a system reset. Please ensure that the PRTRG and PRRSTX interfaces are retained during design to ensure that the chip can enter Boot mode when empty.

When the module is powered on or PRRSTX receives the rising edge, the system will generate an external reset (if AVDD-BAK does not power off, this reset will not affect the ephemeris data of the backup power area).

If PRTRG detects a low-level input during module reset, the module will enter upgrade mode and receive upgrade instructions when the low-level of PRTRG is released to a suspended state.

If the PRTRG remains suspended during a module reset, the module will enter normal operating mode.

When PRRSTX and PRTRG are connected to the main control system IO, the pull-up and pull-down resistors of the IO should be disabled. When the module is in normal working mode, PRRSTX and PRTRG should be kept in a suspended state.

The Beidou module, as an advanced positioning technology independently developed in China, has many outstanding characteristics. Its strong compatibility can be widely applied in multiple fields. The Beidou module also has excellent stability and anti-interference ability, and can continue to work stably even in complex environmental conditions. Choosing the Beidou module means choosing precise, reliable, and advanced positioning and navigation solutions.