A Solution for Fire Rescue Personnel Location-UWB Autonomous Network Positioning System

2024-06-07/ By Admin

The following is an example of a UWB self-organized network positioning system solution for firefighting and rescue personnel positioning:

A Solution for Fire Rescue Personnel Location-UWB Autonomous Network Positioning System

A Solution for Fire Rescue Personnel Location-UWB Autonomous Network Positioning System

1、 System Overview

This plan aims to provide accurate and real-time personnel positioning services for firefighting and rescue operations, utilizing UWB self-organizing network technology to ensure accurate positioning of rescue personnel in complex fire scene environments.

2、 System composition

1. UWB positioning tag: worn by firefighting and rescue personnel, it sends real-time location signals.

2. UWB anchor points: distributed inside buildings or at critical locations on rescue sites, receiving tag signals and transmitting data.

3. Data processing center: Analyze and process the collected positioning data.

4. Display terminal: provides visual display of personnel location information for the command center.

3、 Positioning principle

Calculate the distance between the label and anchor using UWB signal transmission time, and combine data from multiple anchor points to accurately determine the position of personnel using a multilateral positioning algorithm.

4、 System advantages

1. High precision: achieve centimeter level positioning accuracy and accurately grasp the specific position of personnel.

2. Strong real-time capability: Real time updates of personnel location information, allowing the command center to stay informed of updates at any time.

3. Strong anti-interference ability: stable operation in harsh environments and complex electromagnetic conditions.

4. Ad hoc network capability: No need to rely on fixed network infrastructure to adapt to various complex on-site environments.

5、 Functional characteristics

1. Real time positioning and tracking: Display the position and movement trajectory of each rescue worker in real time.

2. Regional division and warning: Set up hazardous and safe areas, and issue alerts promptly when personnel enter the hazardous area.

3. Personnel management: facilitates the grouping and allocation of rescue personnel.

4. Historical trajectory query: can trace the movement trajectory of rescue personnel at different time periods.

5. Emergency distress function: Rescue personnel can send a distress signal with just one click when encountering danger.

6、 Application scenarios

Suitable for various firefighting and rescue operations, such as rescue tasks in complex environments such as building fires, industrial fires, forest fires, etc.

Through this UWB self-organizing network positioning system, the efficiency and safety of firefighting and rescue operations can be effectively improved, providing strong protection for the life safety of rescue personnel.