A Comparison between Bluetooth 5.0 Module and Bluetooth 4.2 Module

2021-08-31/ By Admin

Bluetooth 5.0 Module vs. Bluetooth 4.2 Module: Which One to Go For?

One of the versions of Bluetooth, the Bluetooth 5.0 module is the latest feature of wireless communication technology. This latest update has improved, range, speed, and compatibility as compared to its predecessor Bluetooth 4.2 module. However, some people are still reluctant to try it out.

So, if you are also one of those people, then this guide is for you. Here, we will do a detailed comparison between the two modules. In the end, you will be able to decide for yourself which one is better for you. Excited? Let’s begin!

What Is A Bluetooth Module?

Before we dive into details about the Bluetooth 5.0 module vs. the Bluetooth 4.2 module, let us first discuss a bit about the Bluetooth module. So, for those of you who do not know, it is a short-range wireless connection between mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. See, it’s as simple as that!

However, you should not confuse Bluetooth radio waves with the broadcast as there is a huge difference between the two technologies. What separates these two technologies from each other is that the Bluetooth waves do not travel much far away. Not only this, but the waves continuously switch frequencies as well.

The majority of the Bluetooth devices come with a maximum connectivity range of 30 feet. However, the distance keeps on reducing with the presence of more obstacles such as walls, etc.

The devices that you connect through Bluetooth technology are extremely safe and secure. So, you will not have to worry about hacking. That’s because these devices operate on multiple different frequencies. As a result, the devices keep on hopping between multiple frequencies a hundred times per second. That’s why it is called “frequency hopping spread spectrum” as well.

There are several different versions or modules of Bluetooth. Each of these versions comes with improvements and changes of its own. The latest update in Bluetooth technology is Bluetooth 5.0 module.

What Do You Use Bluetooth For?

As we discussed above, we use Bluetooth technology to either pair mobile devices with other mobile phones or the fixed devices. These fixed devices can be anything such as your car, your earbuds, or your smart fridge. However, in some cases, they work in ways that are less apparent immediately such as a mouse or a printer to the computer.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies are often complementary. That’s because they not only work at the same time but offer the same connectivity as well. As a result, you might not understand at times which hardware is pairing with which device. All you need to remember is that if the devices were previously connected to the Bluetooth and they are still in range, they might try to connect to the Bluetooth again.

Since you often cannot realize whether the devices are connecting to one another via Bluetooth modules such as Bluetooth 5.0 module or Wi-Fi, it is a good idea to go to your device’s settings and open the Bluetooth tab. It will provide you with a list of all the devices that were previously connected or are already connected.

Another important thing to remember is that if you ever want to get rid of the Bluetooth device or do not plan to use it for a long time, you can simply remove it from your device by opting for “Forget this Device” from the Bluetooth’s setting. This will help you maintain control of the connection.

The Many Benefits of Bluetooth

No matter which version of Bluetooth you use, there are some general benefits of this technology. This is what enables more and more people to use it. Want to know some of these benefits? Keep reading then!

1.      Wireless

One of the major advantages of Bluetooth technology is that it is wireless. So, you will not require any type of wire for the device to transmit data to other devices. As a result, you can conveniently receive and send files without having to worry about any cables. For this reason, many applications such as personal security systems, health monitoring, and locating devices take advantage of this technology.

2.      Usability

Because of its usability, any new kid on the block can use all the versions of Bluetooth including the Bluetooth 5.0 module. You don't need to be educated in the area of innovation for utilizing Bluetooth. Additionally blending measure is generally simple in Bluetooth.

There is no product or driver establishment measure required here. Moreover, the matching system is even simplified. You should simply turn on Bluetooth on both of the gadgets and make them discoverable. However long they are in the inclusion range, the gadgets will be associated quickly. A few gadgets require you of entering PIN verification.

3.      Efficiency

Another primary advantage of Bluetooth is that it is extremely efficient. This is what enables the users to achieve their target of low power consumption. The main reason behind it is that it uses low power signals. This makes it ideal to use in electronic devices that have a small form factor.

Different Modules of Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth technology keeps introducing several different modules every year. The latest one is the Bluetooth 5.0 module. Let’s take a look at some popular modules below.

1.      Bluetooth 3.0

Otherwise called high-speed Bluetooth, Bluetooth 3.0 is significantly quicker than its past variant which is Bluetooth 2.0. It permits an exchange pace of 20 megabits each subsequent which is amazingly quick. That is the reason numerous remote earphones work with this innovation too. This, however, it offers upgraded power control also. Thus, a cell phone can undoubtedly work at the base force level that it needs to hold a quality associated with the remote earphones. This, however, will continue to build the force of Bluetooth if you move the earphones further away from your cell phone.

2.      Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth 4.0 is one more perceptible update in the realm of Bluetooth. At the point when the innovation was delivered, it bragged many additional elements like further developed reach and availability. Be that as it may, the main element of the Bluetooth 4.0 is the Low Energy Convention. This component is critical for individuals who are keen on having a quick web speed.

3.      Bluetooth 4.1

With the Bluetooth 4.1 innovation, you can shake remote Bluetooth earphones significantly more than previously. You can associate shrewd gadgets with earphones without depleting your battery life. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Bluetooth 4.1 has taken LE to a higher level. This 4.1 innovation is at present included in earphones, for example, MEE x7 and numerous others. Thus, you can deal with the force of both the gadget and the earphones better than anyone might have expected. While more established forms of Bluetooth regularly meddled with other remote innovations like 4G LTE, this isn't the situation with Bluetooth 4.1. This is the reason individuals lean toward it over Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0.

4.      Bluetooth 4.2

The Bluetooth 4.2 module is one of the latest additions to Bluetooth technology. According to researchers, this update improves the speed drastically by 2.6 times. As a result, you can download at a faster speed as compared to the other versions of Bluetooth. Not only this, but this version includes privacy updates as well. With the help of the latest privacy updates, operating software such as Apple cannot track you without your consent. So, unless you do not allow them to track your information, all your data remains safe. This is what makes it one of our favorite versions.

5.      Bluetooth 5.0

The Bluetooth 5.0 module is the latest update in the world of Bluetooth technology. One of the most outstanding features of this version is that it supports mesh connections with the help of the beacon. As a result, you can now create market opportunities such as the Smart industry, Smart buildings, Smart cities, and Smart homes.

Moreover, Bluetooth sound will dispatch items to help cutting-edge Bluetooth sound design. This is another component that is not altogether new to Bluetooth 5.0; all things being equal, it got a genuinely necessary upgrade. Bluetooth consistently utilized the exemplary sound sign which will presently be supplanted by another sound sign. The new sign will permit clients to change over and stream to top caliber, multi-streaming sound, just as sending signals freely inside the reach.

Bluetooth 5.0 Module vs. Bluetooth 4.2 Module

Now that you know what Bluetooth technology is, how does it work, and why do we use it, let’s compare the two latest modules in detail below.

1.      Speed

One of the major differences between the Bluetooth 5.0 module and Bluetooth 4.2 module is that of speed. With the format of 2Mbps, Bluetooth 5.0 is much faster than Bluetooth 4.2. That’s because Bluetooth 4.2 only offers a speed of 1Mbps. This is what enables Bluetooth 5.0 to meet the requirements for the IoT as well.

2.      Range

Another notable difference between the two versions is that their range is quite different from each other. Bluetooth 5.0 can easily support 200m in line of sight path in an outdoor environment. Additionally, it supports 4om in the indoor environment. However, Bluetooth 4.2 module only supports 10m in the indoor range and 50m in the outdoor range. Thus, you can clearly see a huge difference here.

3.      Power Requirement

Due to the formulation of Bluetooth 5.0, it uses less power on your device as compared to Bluetooth 4.2. As a result, you can easily keep the Bluetooth in your device switched on for a longer period. This is much more than the Bluetooth 4.2 which consumes a lot more power as compared to its newer counterpart.

4.      Message Capacity

The Bluetooth 5.0 module has a much larger message capacity than its previous versions. If you analyze it closely, it offers 255 bytes more for actual data payload in comparison to Bluetooth 4.2. That’s because Bluetooth 4.2 has an extremely small message capacity of 31 bytes which gives only 17 to 20 bytes for actual data payload.

5.      Dual Audio

With the latest version of the Bluetooth 5.0 module, you can now connect two devices at one single time. However, an important thing to remember here is that both of these devices must support the Bluetooth feature. Otherwise, the connection will not establish. This feature can come in extremely useful in the situations where you need to play the same music in different rooms and both of the rooms are far from each other. Thus, more people will now be able to enjoy this technology.

6.      Compatibility

Bluetooth 4 works best with gadgets that are viable with form 4 series, however, won't work with gadgets that have Bluetooth 5 while Bluetooth 5 backward order with v1, v2, v3, v4, v4.1, and variant 4.2 yet won't use everyone of the components of Bluetooth 5.

7.      Bluetooth Beacon

Another reason that makes the Bluetooth 5.0 module popular among the other modules of Bluetooth is that it increases the range and speed of the Bluetooth beacons. On the other hand, Bluetooth 4.2 is less popular among users as it has a low range and speed. Not only this, but it also has a low message capacity of only 31 bytes.

8.      Support for IoT Devices

Bluetooth 5 effectively meets the necessities for IoT devices with its great reach and speed up while Bluetooth 4 doesn't because of its low speed and begin working reach. That implies IoT gadgets will function admirably with Bluetooth 5 and use every one of its elements appropriately.

9.      Backward Compatibility

Since Bluetooth upholds backward compatibility, it implies that you can continue to utilize the old gadgets that help the Bluetooth variant lower than 5.0. Furthermore, when you will purchase another gadget that is viable with Bluetooth 5.0, it will work better on your telephone as well. Because of the Bluetooth 5.0 innovation!

Final Words

We hope the above guide helped you understand the major differences between the Bluetooth 5.0 module and the Bluetooth 4.2 module in detail. However, if you still have anything else to ask, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!