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Industrial Drone


Energy and Power Inspection and Mapping Drone SKYLLE 1550

Excellent long endurance and heavy payload capacity empowers Skylle 1550 an outstanding power inspection drone.

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Wheelbase 1550 mm
Max payload 10kg
Max flight Time 75min(without load)

Excellent long endurance and heavy payload capacity empowers Skylle 1550 an outstanding power inspection drone. With a maximum flight time of 75 minutes and a maximum payload of 10kg, Skylle 1550 is a reliable high-performance multi-rotor flight platform for various industrial applications.

It is the first-choice drone model for the State Grid Corporation of China being applied mostly for power line inspection, purchased for years by the Public Security and Firefighting Department due to the multiple purpose payload compatible function, the Sinopec, the China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG), and the China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) for wind energy inspection. Equipped with the orthographic camera, the
oblique camera, and the 3D laser radar, Skylle 1550 is ready for high-precision mapping tasks.


• Reliable and portable due to the modular design

• Easy to operate, fully autonomous take-off and landing, by adopting the intelligent multi-frequency redundant IMU developed by MMC, it has a great improvement on the stability of the

• Made by carbon fiber and compound materials, its airframe body is genuinely light, and the

separate pack is more portable for the single operation in mountainous areas;

• By adopting different battery solutions, the maximum flight distance is up to 10km, and a
single-operation area with 3D laser radar as payload covers more than 1k㎡;

• Compatible with 27 different kinds of payload, its applicable fields covering survey and
mapping, inspection, security, aerial photography, and others;

• The battery supports high current and fast charge, which leads the operation more efficient;

• Support handheld integrated ground control station or box-type ground station

Mode Skylle 1550
Aircraft type Hexrcopter
Wheelbase 1550 mm
Height 543 mm
Weight 6.5 kg(no battery)
Package size 400*730*930mm(standard)/ 700*700*300mm+110*45*20MM(portable)
Assemble time 2 minutes and 40 second
Max. take-off weight 21 kg
Max. payload 10 kg
Max. climb speed 4 m/s
Cruise speed 10 m/s
Max. flying speed 15 m/s
Battery capacity 25000 mAh*12S LiHV
Flight time (without load) 75 min
Flight distance 14 km
Max. control radius 10 km
Max. altitude AMSL 4000 m
Hovering accuracy vertical ±1 m, horizontal±1.5 m
Flight mode Fully automatic, semi-autonomous
Return One-button return, lose control return, low battery return
Others Autonomous takeoff and landing, automatic route, black box function.
Max. wind resistance 6 level
Operation temperature -20~60 ℃
IP rating IP54
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