WiFi Direct Module WG209 Explains WiFi Direct For You


WiFi Direct standard refers to the devices in the wireless network can be connected to each other without the need for wireless routers. Similar to Bluetooth technology, this standard allows wireless devices to be interconnected in point-to-point form, and in transmission speed and transmission distance, it has a great improvement over Bluetooth. 

The WiFi Direct device is a device that support point-to point connection. This device supports both the underlying network and the P2P connection, and can join the infrastructure network as a typical site STA, and must support the WiFi Protected Setup joiner feature.

WiFi Direct is very different from traditional WiFi, and traditional WiFi usually creates a wireless LAN to allow client devices to access the Internet. WiFi Direct operates between client devices that include laptops, smartphones, televisions and printers, etc. Without the need for hot spots and routers, WiFi Direct devices can easily achieve the direct connection with other devices, transmission of data or shared applications. WiFi Direct can support one-to-to direct connection, and also can achieve multiple devices to connect at the same time. WiFi Direct standard will support all WiFi devices, from 11a/b/g to 11n, and different standard WiFi devices can also be interconnected directly.

WiFi Direct Features
Mobility and Portability
WiFi Direct devices can be interconnected anytime, anywhere. Because WiFi routers or access points are not needed, WiFi devices can connect at any location.

Immediate Usability
Users will be able to use the first WiFi Direct authentication device to take back home to establish a direct connection. For example, a newly purchased WiFi Direct notebook can be created direct connection with user's existing traditional Wi-Fi device.

Ease of use
The functions of WiFi Direct Device Discovery and Service Discovery help users determine the available devices and services, then establish connection. For example, if the user wants to print a file, they can use the above services to know which WiFi network has a printer. Simple and secure connection: WiFi Direct Device uses WiFi Protected Setup, to simplify the process of creating a secure connection between devices.

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