The problems need to be solved in indoor positioning development 


SKYLAB's existing indoor technology is mainly Bluetooth Beacon and Bluetooth Gateway TD03, and with the higher indoor positioning accuracy, UWB is still under developing. The existing several major indoor positioning technologies in the development process need to solve the following problems.

(1)Positioning technologies are complementary and compatible.
With the rapid development of Internet, wireless communication, computer technology, surveying and mapping technology, equipment manufacturing, and other key technologies, indoor positioning is developing toward the direction of the multi-technology which are complementary and compatible. To compensate for the disadvantages of a specific positioning technology through the multi-technology which are complementary and compatible, and how to combine different technologies will be the focus of research.

(2)The application field of indoor positioning will continuously expand.
Accurate indoor positioning technology provides useful, targeted market and service to indoor users, while, the key is to fill the technical gap.
People stay indoors for most of the time, and between indoor positioning technology and its application, there is definitely a synergistic effect.

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