The Goal of Bluetooth Module Used in Medical Electronic Equipment


The application of Bluetooth module in medical electronic has made medical develop as “wireless medical” and “mobile medical”, which brings great convenience to our life. Bluetooth module can achieve the following goals in medical electronic equipment.

1.Restrain radio electromagnetic interference. 
Bluetooth works at the global 2.4GHz ISM (ie industrial, scientific, medical) band. Bluetooth has a data rate of 1Mb/s. Frequency hopping technology divides the frequency band into several frequency hopping channels (Hop channel), in one connection, the radio transceiver continuously connects from one channel to another in a certain code sequence (pseudo-random code), and both the sending and receiving sides within Bluetooth system accord to this law to communicate, while it is impossible for other radio equipment to work in the same way. So it restrains the radio to a great extent.

2.Establish a “Personal micro-network”.
Bluetooth uses spread spectrum technology to minimize the impact of noise in the whole Bluetooth band. Compared with other systems that work at the same frequency band, Bluetooth FM is faster, and Bluetooth devices are low-power, compared to other wireless communications devices. The radio transceiver of Bluetooth technology has a linking distance of up to 10 meters, and using a high gain antenna can extend the effective communication range to 100 meters. Not limited to a straight line, and even the device is not in the same room, it can also link to each other, and it can link to multiple devices, up to 7 devices and up to 200 online devices. So the devices around the users can be linked to form a "personal micro-network".

3.To avoid the bioelectric signals to be affected.
Bluetooth technology has the advantages of stable transmission signal, less susceptible to interference and no obstruction to objects. In general, through the Bluetooth technology, the cables can be effectively replaced between the medical sensors on patients in traditional ward monitoring system and the analyzers, PDA and computers and other analytical equipment.

Wireless real-time monitoring of human life parameters is the common aspiration of many doctors and patients, but there are inevitable shortcomings to achieve it, based on traditional electronic technology. Bluetooth can not only replace the data cable around the PC, but also meet the needs of the patient's peripheral wirelessization in the ward. Through the Bluetooth gateway of the ward, the seamless connection between the Bluetooth monitoring network and the wired LAN can be achieved, thus combining the advantages of a variety of different networks can bring the patient a simple and comfortable environment.

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