SKYLAB’s Delicious Foods _ Cooking Show


Having seen that SKYLAB’s partners work overtime, go sightseeing, and taste delicious foods. But have you seen the cooking show of SKYLAB’s partners on last Saturday, May 20? On the morning of the day May 20, there were the pictures of their cooking scenes showing in QQ and WeChat groups, and they seemed very professional, and the dishes in pans looked very delicious.

I didn't think that the chefs are around, and all of them are gourmet hermits. In the beginning, I imagined that the cooking pictures would be very horrible. But on this day, I found that there were so many delicious foods, and SKYLAB’s partners couldn’t wait to start eating before all dishes to be finished, and everyone was eating seriously. “Please don’t talk, let me have a quiet eating first”.

Although there was no exquisite porcelain plate and beautiful petals to set off, the Color and fragrance are very good. I have already smelt and tasted the foods for you in advance, and select part of the pictures for you to appreciate.

“Beef with Sauce”, “Tomato Slices with Sugar”, “Braised Pig Knuckle in Soy Sauce”, “Jiangxi Stir-Fried Rice Noodles”, “Steamed Pork with Rice Noodles”, “Fruit Salads” … Unfortunately, I can only eat, but can’t call the names. Through this activity, I have seen the other side of SKYLAB’s partners. On this day May 20, for the basketball game in the morning and the movie activity in the afternoon, we have them from time to time, but it is the first time for us to hold this cooking show, which is really good!

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