SKYLAB Smart WiFi Socket Solution


Smart WIFI socket ,Built-in Wifi module home ,the user’s mobile phone APP through router control built-in wifi module switch(smart switch , smart ,smart Bulb),in the outdoor , can be through clouds to control the home switch.They don’t need to go home to cooking after finished work.touch a hand, it’s ok ,hot summer , a key can bring cool.

SKYLAB Smart WiFi Socket Solution

In addition to , can be switch function :timing delay,USB charging,network remote control,electricity statistics,energy saving , it’s very comfortable and convenience .

SKYLAB Smart WiFi Socket Solution

For this solution , you only need to move your hands ,SKYLAB will help you to do the rest of work
SKYLAB Provide:
1)Hardware reference design
2)Clouds platform service
3)iOS, Android APP design service
4)Embedded Software Service
5)WiFi Module WU105

SKYLAB Smart WiFi Socket Solution

WU105 wifi module introduction:
◆The module WU105 based on MT7681N for low-cost,highly integrated serial UART WiFi module, support IEEE802.11b/g/n 1T1R,maximum transmission data rate is 150Mbps ,and the modules can provide UART and more GPIO interface,GPIO and PWM interface can used be smart control ,UART and SPI port can used be communication equipment.

◆The modules is integrated with PA,LNA,RF switch ,module with PCB antenna or external antenna , it’s based on design which simplify the external RF circuit ,and modules within the integrated power management unit ,operating voltage is 3.3V.

◆The modules is integrated 32Bit RISC MCU ,when the software function demand is very simple,and can used be MT7681N internal MCU to replace external MCU , and the module can support TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP communication mode, also support station and AP mode.

◆Users can used WU105 can be easily achieved the wireless network function of serial UART device,save development time , make the product into market more quickly,enhance competitiveness
WU105 wifi module features:
◆Support IEEE802.11b/g/n protocol,1TIR, maximum transmission data rate is 150Mbps
◆Support UART and 4 GPIO ports , internal MCU can support control function
◆Support WEP,WPA/WPA2 security encryption method
◆RF switch,sleep mode ,Save electricity management functions,low consumption , working current<210mA ,standby current<1mA
◆Supports PCB antenna or external connectors
◆Support Smart Connection
◆Supports Station and AP mode
◆Supports TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP communication mode, support DHCP DNS HTTP advanced application protocol
◆Without any user driven ,To the user single chip computer only needs to use as the ordinary serial port
◆Specific serial AT command can simplify the users for wifi connection and software design control
◆Through CE/FCC certificate,RoHS compliant
◆The ultra small size, the size of only 28.5x17mm, SMD package.

What is the WiFi module WU105?

UART IOT wifi module WU105

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