SKYLAB Birthday Party in May


The birthday party of once a month is coming again, and the busy day is over. SKYLAB’s partners have come to the multi-function hall, waiting for the starting of birthday party. I am so hungry, firstly to sit down quickly and eat quietly. The birthday party begins.

The old rules: newcomer’s self-introduction, the speaking made by the birthday boys/girls, and birthday gifts distributing by General manager, Allen. Suddenly I heard the little girl said “This is my first birthday celebrating in the company, with so many people accompanying, and I feel so warm.” I remember that my first birthday was also celebrating in SKYLAB, and I was very happy. This is also the company’s original intention, the longest confession of love is to accompany you on your birthday.

Birthday song melody began, putting on birthday’s hats, sticking candles, making a wish quietly, and it will be realized.

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