SKYLAB Birthday Party in June


Being happy to work, you will feel that the time flies. In the end of June, it is the time for birthday party again. On this birthday party, the game is very interesting, and please get ready to appreciate.

Firstly, it was newcomer’s self-introduction and talent shows. Then, one birthday girl sang a song《When you are old》to her mother. The date of your birth is the date of your mother’s suffering. The general manager Mr. Yang handed out the birthday gifts.

The finale was coming, paper clips relay. The newcomers, the birthday girls and boys and other members formed a circle. Each of them bit a toothpick in their mouths to pick up a paper clip and delivered it onto the other one’s toothpick. After finished a round of turns, the game was over. The general manager Mr. Yang and the product director Mr. Lu were unwilling to leave behind others, and they did their level best.

Singing birthday song, wishing, blowing out candles, and eating cake. Wish you all work happily and live happily.

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