SKYLAB Birthday Party in April—Confession of love


SKYLAB Birthday Party in April[/caption]In the end of April, there is not only the holiday of Labour Day coming but also the SKYLAB’s birthday party of once a month. There are too many highlights for this birthday party: the affectionate confession of love, the beautiful pose photos of four beauties…. Please quickly catch up with us if you want to look.

According the old rules, the first program is including the speaking made by the birthday boys/girls, newcomer’s self-introduction and talent show, General manager’s wishes, birthday gifts distributing. There are six birthday boys/girls in April, fours newcomers who all are karaoke masters. Happy birthday to the birthday boys/girls, and the staffs who just joined in SKYLAB also need to fit quickly in the big family. Anyway, all SKYLAB’s staffs should be happy and healthy, and live smoothly!

SKYLAB Birthday Party in April

Summer is coming soon, and the intimate administration department prepared cool ice pads for the birthday boys/girls.

SKYLAB Birthday Party in April

The birthday party’s game which hasn’t been seen for a long time was on stage again. The highlight is ready to start, please put the chairs well and pick up watermelons, and the curtain of “time bomb” began to pull up.

Game rules: Two teams are composed of the birthday boys/girls and the partners who just entered. One of a team’s members holds the timed phone, and asks one of the other team’s members a question and hands over the phone. The member of other team takes the phone and answers the question, then ask another question and hands the phone over to the next member of that team. When the bell rings, who holds the phone in hand, then who will be out. Finally, the team with all members out will be punished. All laughed so happily, and instantly felt a kind of healing feeling. 

Game over, the lost team was punished. Punishment: the affectionate confession imitating (Ten thousand years is too long, and only fight for now), ten continuous shootings, the 18-year-old shyness showing…. Let’s take a look.

SKYLAB Birthday Party in April 

Boy’s ten continuous shootings were not enough, and the general manager Allen directed and demonstrated, there are also four beautiful girls to help out and taught you posing. Please generously appreciate the front beautiful girls.

SKYLAB Birthday Party in April 

The birthday song began, wishing, blowing candles, and eating cakes.

SKYLAB Birthday Party in April 

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