How to modify the baud rate of SKYLAB`s BLE module




2.Serial port debugged software (sscom42)

3.The EVB board of BLE module

4 connecting  cable


1.To connect laptop and BLE  EVB board by cable

2.Open serial port debugged software, select serial port NO.  automatically, it is default baud rate ( This one is 115200),choose “ send the new row”, open serial port

3.Type : AT?(To view  AT commands of  BLE module,Click”send”, there will come out AT commands ,find command of “AT+ BAUD”

4.Type into AT commands : AT+ BAUD = 9600(The baud rate you want to select),

Click “ Send” , there is a feedback to show “ER” ( setup failed) or “ok” ( setup successful) in the bottom of window.

5.Type into:  AT+ SAVE( save the modification). Note:  If you don`t save the mofication, the baud rate will recover the default one next time.

6. To look over if the modification is successful, Repeat  from step1-3,Type  into AT commands :AT?, There is a feedback about AT commands.


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