Bluetooth module is applied to LED


When you see the flashing lights on the building, do you image one day the house will be able to control the color and brightness of the LED lights and the color of the color can be free of change with a APP .Maybe you have this idea, but you think that is imposible or never.But today I want to tell you that this is possible, our Bluetooth 4.0BLE module for you to do!

The principle of the Bluetooth 4.0BLE module is used to realize the matching between the Bluetooth module of the mobile phone and the colored lantern, and realize the function of APP.(APP applies to Android and iphone)

One: not by adjusting the color swatches of APP mobile phone

control led by app

Two: through the music (calls the bell, alarm clock) to adjust the brightness and color (gradient and flashing effects)

control led by app

Three:Set up multiple channels control


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