Bluetooth BLE4.0+Mesh APP Control LED


SKYLAB focused on the bluetooth module and related solution research, we pushed out a LED colorful Light control solution is widely applied before.Driven by the IOT smart home ,we introduced Bluetooth BLE-Mesh LED Light control solution !As long as SKYLAB module in your LED design circuit,SKYLAB will be able to give your gorgeous LED group control.

BLE4.0 Mesh Network LED Light Control System :

Light Control Function: can individual control a LED light ,but also can control multiple (group control) LED switch ,RGB color ,brightness.

Bluetooth BLE4.0+Mesh APP Control LED

In addition to , LED light control APP can preset scene ,eliminating the trouble of reset .for example , hurband likes a bright office , but wife likes soft romance at home ,How to have both fish and bear's paw? They only need set up Sence interface in their own APP that they like scene ,can be a key switch !

Bluetooth BLE4.0+Mesh APP Control LED

Our BLE Mesh LED technology can be achieved to control 29 terminal LED light at the same time ,please quickly check which module has such a magical function !
Bluetooth ble4.0+ Mesh network control LED module,

ble+mesh module SKB365

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