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The Internet Plus has gradually changed our lives. There is no need to carry wallet, and pay by WeChat or Alipay; Bicycle sharing, you can take it everywhere and place it everywhere, which has solved the last mile of journey; Online meal ordering, tickets booking…. So I started planning my own trip. In the beginning, as always, I followed behind the tour guide and listened to the introduction of the scenic spot, and later, I found that scenic spots introduction can also be achieved "automation." What is going on?

Scene 1: explanation devices
At the entrance to the scenic spot, I rent a voice explanation device, but I even couldn’t hear any explanation. Is this a gimmick? Never mind, I just followed behind the tour guide and listened to his explanation. Suddenly, one of my ears with the headset hung also heard the same explanation, and it is the same situation to the following scenic spots. Originally, only entered the corresponding scenic spot area, then the explanation devices start to work.

Scene 2: Shaking or scanning around, and focus on listening to the explanation.
There are also WeChat signs for the shops, showing on the wall of the scenic spot area. Take a closer look at “Use the WeChat on mobile phone to shake around or scan a code, then it can explain the history of the scenic spot for you". I tried to do, and entered the relevant pages, and did the corresponding operation, and soon I heard relevant introduction of scenic spots.  

How can these convenient voice introductions of scenic spots be done? It turned out to be the Beacons placing in some places of scenic spot area. Open the Bluetooth on your phone, beacon can detect the corresponding scenic spot area that you have entered, and push the corresponding scenic spot introduction for you. Especially for indoor scenic spots, it also can navigate the related scenic spots for you. In addition, beacon can also achieve supermarket promotions, reverse searching for car in parking lot, positioning and navigating the location of the airport …

SKYLAB has two Beacons VG01 and VG02, click the pictures to enter the corresponding pages. For more details, please send E-mail to!

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