Beacon VG01

BLE Beacon,indoor positon

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Beacon VG01 description( support both eddystone and ibeacon)

SKYLAB Beacon Configuration is a Phone APP for configuring “SKYLAB Beacon” which made by SKYLAB RD Team. Use this APP to connect to your “SKYLAB Beacon” and modify its parameters such as UUID, Major, Minor, Beacon Name and so on. These parameters will be advertised after the Beacon being advertising state.

What is the Beacon?

Beacon is a broadcasting protocol which based on BLE protocol, also referred to a kind of having this protocol BLE (peripheral) device. As a Beacon device, it is usually placed as a fixed position in a certain place, and is required to continuously broadcast to the surrounding, and can’t enter the connection state to any BLE central. The advertising data are arranged according to certain rules.

Default Parameters





◇Advertise interval:200 ms

◇Measured power:-61 dBm

◇Transmission power:0 dBm


Parameters Range

◇Name:1~17 characters.

◇UUID:16 bytes Hex string format

◇Major:0 ~ 65535

◇Minor:0 ~ 65535

◇Advertise interval:100 ms ~ 1000ms

◇Measured power:-100 ~ -30 dBm

◇Transmission power: -30 、-20、-16、-12、-8、-4、0、4 dBm

◇Password:4 characters

◇Indoor Positioning;

◇Wechat shake around;
◇Shopping mall;
◇Car Parking;
◇Hotel and restaurant;
◇Scenic spot;
◇Leisure and amusement;
◇Access control and checking attendance.

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