AP/Client/Router WiFi Module SKW92A and SKW92B is the same?


SKYLAB IOT WiFi Module SKW92A has two model type :SKW92A and SKW92B , the two wifi module size is the same , and the shape only has a IPEX difference , so some customer will ask : what is the difference between them ?

Data Rate :SKW92A is 2×2 MIMO WiFi Module , the data rate is 300Mbps , but SKW92B data rate is 150Mbps.

Chip : SKW92A are based on MT7628N , and SKW92B are based on MT7688A 

Interface :SKW92 WiFi module has many interfaces (I²C, PCM, I²S(192K/24bits), PWM, SPI slave, UART lite, GPIO), the interface is the same between SKW92A and SKW92B , SKW92A has 3 UART,1 WAN and 4 LAN , but SKW92B has 2 UART , 4 WAN and 4 LAN .

Power Consumption : SKW92B is the more power saving than SKW92A , SKW92A continuous receiving current is 230mA , and SKW92B is 95mA .

For more details , please kindly check the following pictures :

SKW92A WiFi module SKW92B

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