ac Dual-Band WiFi Module for Video Surveillance


The MIIT issued the latest requirements that the WiFi module for video surveillance need to meet: the wireless protocol is compliant to IEEE802.11ac; support 2.4/5GHz dual band. According to the market customer demand, SKYLAB continues to research and develop the WiFi modules for customer applications. Now the module SKW93 can meet the requirement of the MIIT, and it can be applied to video surveillance.

SKW93 is a highly integrated wireless AP solution module which integrates MT7628A and MT7610E chips, with high performance. SKW93, with built-in 580M dual core, can work at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band, 2.4GHz 2×2 MIMO wlan chip and a 5GHz 1×1 wlan chip. In the 2.4GHz band, the transmission speed is up to 300Mbps; In the 5GHz band, the transmission speed is up to 433Mbps.

ac ap dual band wifi module SKW93

SKW93 is compliant to 802.11ac protocol, with 2 UART, USB, IIS, IIC, SD, 1 WAN and 2 LAN. The module supports AP/Client/Repeater mode and UART WiFi.

SKW93 can be applied to AP WiFi, 2.4/5GHz router, 5GHz WiFi serial transmission, 5GHz WiFi audio player, 5GHz 11ac AP router, 5GHz WiFi SD / TF card. Welcome to send E-mail to

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